AMTSO Appoints Acronis’ Alexander Ivanyuk and SecureIQLab’s David Ellis as New Board Members

AMTSO Appoints Acronis' Alexander Ivanyuk and SecureIQLab's David Ellis as New Board Members

AMTSO, the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, today announced that their members have elected a new board, appointing Alexander Ivanyuk, Senior Director of Product and Technology at global technology company Acronis, and David Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Corporate Relations at cloud security validation provider SecureIQLab, as new board members. Simon Edwards, CEO at SE Labs, a private and independently owned security testing company and longtime AMTSO board member, is stepping up as a new co-chairman of the board. He shares the position with Luis Corrons, Security Evangelist at Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy.

AMTSO’s board has a 50:50 share of tester and vendor members, to assure balanced contributions from both sides, to develop objective standards and best practices for anti-malware testing and assessment of other cybersecurity products.

Incoming Alexander Ivanyuk represents the vendor side, having worked in the IT industry for 20 years, both in the software and hardware space. He brings strategic product management and PR and marketing experience to AMTSO, which he gathered at his current position at Acronis and in past roles at Kaspersky Lab and in the IT media field. Testing representative David Ellis brings extensive experience in developing testing and validation metrics, documenting testing methodologies from his current role at SecureIQLab, as well as business development and sales experience from his previous positions at Forcepoint, NSS Labs, and HighSide.

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“We are happy to welcome two great new board members with Alexander Ivanyuk and David Ellis, to contribute their vendor and tester perspectives and guidance to the AMTSO organization,” said Dennis Batchelder, President and CEO at AMTSO. “We also are grateful for the valuable insights and direction we have received from outgoing board members Onur Komili at Sophos and Chris Pickard at MRG Effitas. Thank you both for your service all these years.”

SE Lab’s Simon Edwards has previously been chairman of the AMTSO board, from 2012 until 2015, and again from 2016 until 2018. Avast’s Luis Corrons has been chairman of the AMTSO board since 2018. Additional board members are Maik Morgenstern, CEO and Technical Director of AV-Test; Jesse Song, CEO of SKD Labs; Alexander Vukcevic, Director of Avira Protection Labs at NortonLifeLock Inc.; and Glaucia Young, Engineering Director at Microsoft.