Monsido Unveils Consent Manager Tool for Accessible and Straightforward Website User and Cookie Consent

Monsido Unveils Consent Manager Tool for Accessible and Straightforward Website User and Cookie Consent

Monsido, the leading digital governance solution that enhances user experience, today announced the launch of its newest product, Monsido Consent Manager.

As an integral part of Monsido’s efforts to help websites become more user-friendly and compliant, Monsido Consent Manager is an easy-to-use tool for user consent on websites in line with regulations, such as the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). With a fully accessible interface for users, organizations will benefit from features like consent analytics, automatic and anonymized consent logging, and custom branding options.

Monsido’s CEO Jannik Grøntved explains, “With Monsido Consent Manager, we are taking the gray area out of website user consent and cookie management while empowering an accessible user experience that builds trust between our clients and their website visitors.”

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Consent regulation under the GDPR clearly states that companies must facilitate a user experience so that users can freely give, opt out, or customize their consent. Yet a recent study by has easily identified more than 15 common abuses of consent legislation. The most common practices are designing a so-called “crazy click labyrinth” in a cookie banner, offering no opt-out at the top layer, or confusing button coloring.

With increasing regulation around data privacy and accessibility on websites, Monsido Consent Manager aims to make it easy to become compliant without all the guesswork. While organizations can customize the color scheme of the consent banner, they cannot choose inaccessible color combinations nor manipulate the consent options to encourage more consent.

Consent Manager joins other Monsido Platform modules like Data Privacy, Accessibility and Policies to make digital presence compliance that much easier.

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