Analysis unveils ShardSecure® Assist Companies Save Significantly on Incident Response Costs

Analysis unveils ShardSecure® Assist Companies Save Significantly on Incident Response Costs
Analysis unveils ShardSecure® Assist Companies Save Significantly on Incident Response Costs

A new report has revealed a positive ROI for ShardSecure’s innovative Microshard™ technology that mitigates data security and privacy risks in the cloud.

Produced by the global cybersecurity analyst firm TAG Cyber, the report notes that the high preventive benefit of microsharding warrants adoption by organizations in industries including finance, healthcare, and government.

“Under reasonable assumptions, enterprise teams employing microsharding for cloud-hosted data will see a reduced likelihood of data compromise incidents in public cloud service infrastructure,” the analysis notes. “The associated reduction in response costs is shown to be sufficient to justify purchasing a commercial platform license. This implies that enterprise teams storing critical data in the cloud would be wise to invest in a microsharding solution.”

The TAG Cyber analysts performed a detailed comparison of the costs of an enterprise hoping to improve security for their public cloud data both with and without microsharding. They concluded that, given the high detection and response costs for public cloud incidents, microsharding offers a significant positive ROI. In its sample case, the analysis also revealed that a hypothetical enterprise hosting data in a public cloud could reduce two full-time equivalent staff members on its incident response team due to a significant reduction in assumed data compromise costs.

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“ShardSecure’s benefits for data security extend across multiple industries and cover a wide array of privacy risks,” said Ed Amoroso, CEO and Founder of TAG Cyber. “With the current threat landscape, we believe that Microshard technology’s advanced cloud data protection will benefit organizations while still allowing them to maintain control of their data in the cloud.”

Microshard technology desensitizes sensitive data by digitally shredding it into microshards that are too small to contain sensitive data. Those microshards are then mixed with poison data and distributed to multiple customer-owned storage locations of the customer’s choosing.

Microsharding renders sensitive data unintelligible and of no value in the wrong hands, enabling that data for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments to help ensure stronger security and privacy. The three-step Microshard process drastically mitigates the impact of data compromise and supports business continuity even during an outage. Additionally, its self-healing data and RAID-5-like ability to reconstruct affected data reverses unauthorized deletion and tampering, including ransomware.

“We’re pleased to see that TAG Cyber’s report confirms the value of Microshard technology for companies seeking to protect their data in the cloud,” said Bob Lam, CEO and Co-Founder of ShardSecure. “We believe that our innovative solution will support companies in achieving greater data security, helping them reduce incident response costs in the face of growing cyberthreats.”

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