Anchore Delivers New Automated Policies that Accelerate FedRAMP Compliance for Containerized Applications

Anchore Delivers New Automated Policies that Accelerate FedRAMP Compliance for Containerized Applications-01

Today Anchore, the leader in continuous security and compliance for containers, announced the release of a new FedRAMP policy pack. This proprietary policy scanning pack will help software vendors and cloud service providers identify and resolve compliance issues for containerized applications and shorten the timeline to achieve a FedRAMP authority to operate (ATO) certification.

The new policy pack provides pre-built checks for FedRAMP controls that apply to containers. It will help organizations meet the supplemental requirements within the 6-month deadline specified in the Vulnerability Scanning Requirements for Containers document released by FedRAMP in March 2021.

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Use of Anchore and the FedRAMP policy pack will:

  • Scan and assess images to identify which FedRAMP controls are failing and provide the specific changes needed to remediate the issue;
  • Harden container images to meet FedRAMP scanning requirements;
  • Embed the needed security and compliance checks into the container build, test, and orchestration pipeline;
  • Monitor containers in the registry and running in production and ensure they have been scanned within the required 30-day scanning window;
  • Generate a container workload artifact report for use with federal assessors and third-party assessor organizations (3PAO).

“It is critical that enterprises remediate issues and identify vulnerabilities within containers and open source components, especially with the rise of software supply chain attacks,” said Daniel Nurmi, CTO and Co-Founder of Anchore. “By applying FedRAMP policies and mapping back to specific checks within the NIST 800 compliance control set, we’re helping companies expedite the time to reach FedRAMP authorization and reduce their costs to maintain compliance.”

Learn how to expedite FedRAMP authorization of containerized applications in a free webinar on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Join Anchore engineers as they discuss the necessary steps to meet requirements of the FedRAMP vulnerability scanning requirements for containers: