Anecdotes Introduces First Ever Security Compliance Framework for Generative AI

Anecdotes Introduces First Ever Security Compliance Framework for Generative AI

anecdotes, the leading security Compliance technology firm, today announced the release of the industry’s first toolkit for security and GRC professionals focussed on the implementation and consumption of Generative AI. The toolkit comprises a comprehensive list of enterprise risks, a dedicated policy template and the full list of The anecdotes AIF (artificial intelligence framework) controls.

Alongside the mass adoption of Generative AI tools by individuals, organizations have embraced GenAI as well, by allowing its use by employees and implementing the tools in their own solutions. Finding the balance between empowering their organization to enjoy the benefits of this new technology and ensuring that the use of GenAI does not exceed the organization’s defined risk appetite, has been a major challenge for security and GRC teams around the world.

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The new AI toolkit was created in collaboration with top industry experts. It provides organizations with a clear structure through which GenAI can be securely integrated into existing organizational operations, without impeding security and Compliance processes and obligations. The release of the toolkit comes shortly after anecdotes announced it had integrated GenAI into its solution to offer customers contextualized guidance on Compliance related queries, making it the first Compliance vendor to do so.

“As a security-first organization, when we began working on embedding GenAI into The anecdotes Compliance OS, we found that there was very little out there in the way of practical tools and guidance on how to do so securely,” says Yair Kuznitsov, Co-Founder and CEO of anecdotes. “As we built risks, controls and policies to include in our own security Compliance program and consulted with friends in the industry, we realized that many companies were facing similar challenges. anecdotes is very excited to share this practical toolkit with our community.”

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