Anjuna Announces Guide to Implementing Secure Enclaves


Secure Enclaves for Dummies® helps enterprises make data secure by default

Anjuna Security Inc, the enterprise enclaves company, today announced the availability of a new resource that helps Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) safely migrate even sensitive data and applications to the cloud while eliminating the risk of inside breaches.

Secure Enclaves for Dummies explains the fundamental security flaw in computing that renders all data and applications vulnerable, shows how enclaves-enabling technologies address and resolve this flaw, and outlines the steps enterprises can take now to facilitate safe data, confidential computing, and application migration to the cloud.

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“Secure enclaves are one of the best-kept secrets in cybersecurity today,” according to Ayal Yogev, CEO and co-founder of Anjuna. “All the major industry players—including AMD, AWS, Google, Intel, Microsoft Azure, and members of the Confidential Computing Consortium—are implementing this powerful new capability. That’s why it’s critical that enterprise CISOs understand how to leverage this virtually unbreakable data protection for the enterprise data center and the cloud. This book makes it simple to plan a path to take full advantage of this powerful capability.”

Secure Enclaves for Dummies is authored by Yogev and his Anjuna co-founder, Dr. Yan Michalevsky, Anjuna CTO and an expert in cryptography and computer security.