Cowbell Cyber Teams with Keystone to Deliver Agents Innovative Cyber Coverages

Cowbell Cyber

Cowbell will distribute its standalone, admitted cyber coverage and risk insights through Keystone’s vast agency network

Cowbell Cyber, the industry’s first AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced it has teamed up with Keystone Insurers Group (Keystone) – a community of 300 agencies known for operational excellence and expertise in specialized markets – to deliver effective protection for cyber along with a superior user experience. Leveraging both insurance expertise and technology advancements, Cowbell will disseminate cyber insurance to businesses most at risk with help from Keystone’s expansive network.

The cyber insurance market is evolving at a rapid pace, with organizations of all types looking to insure their most valuable assets. A 2020 survey of the market shows an acceleration of insurance adoption with 65 percent of SMEs planning to spend more on cyber insurance as part of their cyber resilience plan in the next two years. However, cyber policies are often unclear, leading to confusion on what incidents are actually covered. Additionally, cyber underwriting has been squeezed into a “one size fits all” approach, relying only on company size and industry, which results in generic and ineffective policies. From risk selection and risk pricing, available coverage limits, and cyber claim process, both insurance carriers and policyholders are still learning how to best manage cyber risks.

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Keystone has partnered with Cowbell Cyber based on the following attributes that address challenges faced by businesses when considering cyber insurance:

  • Clarity: Cowbell insurance forms have been designed with the policyholders in mind, with coverages and terms focused on transparency.
  • Relevancy: Cowbell offers out-of-the-box quotes that are industry specific and customizable based on a business’ Cowbell Factors and appetite for risk. This ensures a high degree of relevancy for policyholders.
  • Superior risk management tools: Cowbell is delivered with free risk assessment and mitigation tools, adding value to small businesses on day one of the policy.

“It is a privilege for the Cowbell team to be working in tandem with Keystone to raise the bar for cyber insurance quality and accessibility,” said Brandon Murphy, Head of Sales at Cowbell Cyber. “Keystone’s extensive knowledge of specialized markets will expedite the adoption of tailored cyber insurance policies in industries who are most in need.”

“Cowbell’s cyber insurance programs powered by AI and Cowbell Factors fit directly with Keystone’s drive for faster, high-quality and technology-enabled insurance solutions,” said Amber Hilbert, Director of P&C Strategy at Keystone. “The efficiencies and insights brought by Cowbell to cyber insurance enable our agencies to serve their clients better.”

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The partnership brings significant efficiencies to Keystone’s agency members such as:

  • Unique portfolio of cyber coverages: Cowbell Prime offers a comprehensive set of coverages, with clarity of policy terms to deliver relevant protection covering a wide range of cyber incidents.
  • Speed: Cowbell’s ability to deliver risk assessment, customize quotes and issue policies in minutes enables agencies to focus their time on serving their clients better.
  • Superior user experience: Both brokers and policyholders benefit from a simplified and accelerated insurance process, directly addressing the need for proactive cyber risk management.