AppOmni Expands Depth And Breadth of SaaS Security Management Platform

AppOmni Expands Depth And Breadth of SaaS Security Management Platform-01

From ransomware to data breaches, global cybersecurity incidents against organizations, governments, and individuals are on the rise. There have been a multitude of attacks over the past year, from SolarWinds and Kaseya to the Microsoft Exchange attack and the breach of Canadian plane manufacturer Bombardier. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global cybercrime costs will hit $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. As the sophistication, complexity, and frequency of cybersecurity attacks continue to grow, organizations must decrease their security risk to ensure that they are protected on all fronts.

“It’s not enough to do what’s always been done – attackers are advancing their approaches and finding different ways to access and compromise sensitive information in the cloud,” said Brendan O’Connor, founder and CEO of AppOmni, the leading provider of SaaS Security Management. “Our research shows that 55% of companies have sensitive SaaS data that has been inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet and requires no username or password for access. That’s a critical risk that every organization should be working to remediate now.”

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications continue to be adopted rapidly by organizations of all sizes and are critically important to day-to-day operations. Today, most companies rely on manual processes and good intentions to ensure proper SaaS security management, but that is not enough. IT and security teams are already overburdened and it’s essential that security technologies contribute to efficiency, rather than introduce more friction.

AppOmni makes it simple for CISOs, enterprise security, application administrators, and IT teams to fully secure their growing SaaS environments. The AppOmni SaaS Security Management (SSM) platform, which offers a full suite of SaaS security posture, protection, and monitoring capabilities, covers the most widely adopted and business-critical SaaS applications on the market including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Workday, Box, Slack, and Zoom.

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