Manage Encryption Keys Permission with Jetico’s BestCrypt

Encryption Keys

Admins Gain Control of User Access to Encrypted Containers

Jetico, a long-trusted pioneer in data encryption, announced today an update to their BestCrypt Container Encryption – Enterprise Edition. Admins of Jetico’s solution to encrypt selected files and folders can now manage encryption keys permissions by granting and revoking user access to encrypted containers.

“Our customers demand compliance. Managing who has access to sensitive files is key to delivering a successful solution,” states Akram Khazi, CEO of RAS Infotech, Jetico Partner in the Middle East. “With this update, BestCrypt empowers company admins to control and monitor user access to encrypted containers – and be sure to follow the most stringent regulations.”

With Jetico Central Manager (JCM), part of BestCrypt Container Encryption – Enterprise Edition, admins can control user access to encrypted containers. To enable this feature, each BestCrypt user is required to select their own password that generates a set of unique encryption keys – key pair of public and private keys. All users are visible in the JCM Console and admins can manage encryption keys permission to sensitive containers simply by checking or unchecking corresponding boxes. For users, their one unique password is used to access all containers with permission.

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Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman focuses on the user advantages telling, “This update benefits both end-users and admins. While users only need to remember their own password to access any sensitive files, admins will gain a more efficient way to control access. Removing access for former employees is done in one click – eliminating the burden of resetting all company passwords.”

For over 20 years, Jetico proudly serves enterprise customers with BestCrypt Container Encryption to protect data from threats. Central management of BestCrypt saves time and money, and delivers more convenient compliance for regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA by offering:

  • Remote management of encryption
  • Status reports on encryption and policy compliance
  • Recovery keys automatically stored in JCM encrypted database

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Waksman concludes, “Demand for this new feature is even greater when talking about remote work. Devices are moving away from more protected office environments – which exposes sensitive data to more threats. Jetico’s user-based access management helps mitigate these risks.”