Appsian Security Releases Cloud Platform for ERP Access Management, Segregation of Duties, and Data Loss Prevention

Appsian Security Releases Cloud Platform for ERP Access Management_ Segregation of Duties_ and Data Loss Prevention-01

Appsian Security, the global leader of ERP data security & compliance, today announced the cloud release of a unified GRC platform designed to automate ERP access governance, identity governance, user provisioning/de-provisioning, and segregation of duties. This cornerstone release highlights a significant expansion of Appsian Security capabilities, along with their ability to offer critical ERP security and compliance in the cloud.

“For ten years, Appsian Security has built our reputation on protecting ERP data. But what we realized our customers were also needing was a more streamlined approach to managing segregation of duties and mitigating their business process risks,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Appsian Security. “By releasing our platform in the cloud, we are able to provide tremendous value through rapid implementation and easy configuration – all with functionality that is simply unmatched in the IGA and GRC markets. In addition, our proprietary automation features will play a critical role in helping our customers streamline their compliance processes.”

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To enhance GRC support for the ERP market, Appsian Security focuses on helping customers manage and enforce segregation of duties (SoD) across one or multiple ERP applications. The platform can detect SoD conflicts, provide recommendations for mitigation, automate requirements for provisioning, and prevent SoD violations from occurring (in real-time.) In addition, data masking can be deployed (dynamically) to redact sensitive data if a user’s session presents risk.

“An increasing number of customers are viewing identity, access management, and data security as interconnected components of an effective risk management strategy,” said David Vincent, VP of Strategy and Customer Experience at Appsian Security. “We couldn’t agree more. The truth is, ERP compliance initiatives have historically been managed using manual, error-prone processes that have IT, security, and compliance teams operating in silos. Our goal is to bring these groups together with a single cloud platform that helps everyone achieve their core objectives – which is maintaining the integrity of sensitive data and financial transactions.”

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