AppViewX Enters F5’s Technology Alliance Program to Accelerate and Secure Multi-Cloud Application Delivery


 AppViewX, the leader in automated machine identity management (MIM) and application infrastructure security, today announced that the company has joined F5’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP). Through the partnership, F5 and AppViewX will jointly promote enterprise application security and delivery solutions focused on managing applications and ensuring cybersecurity across on-premises, cloud, and edge locations.

“With an emphasis on adaptive applications, we share a common goal with AppViewX to provide superior application security and delivery while helping mutual customers reduce infrastructure and operational costs,” said Phil de la Motte, VP, Business Development at F5. “Integrated solutions better enable organizations to self-serve application deployment on BIG-IP devices and other F5 technologies to simplify management of app delivery functions for quicker time-to-value.”

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The AppViewX platform fully integrates with BIG-IP, VIPRION, and the cloud-ready BIG-IP iSeries and rSeries hardware as well as Virtual Editions (VEs) and NGINX software, with optimized performance across various hybrid/multi-cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP. Through intelligent orchestration, enhanced automation, application visibility, centralized control, and self-service capabilities, AppViewX unites cross-functional teams such as NetDevSecOps, SRE, and App owners to deliver best-in-class application availability, performance, and security.

“Enterprises are digitally transforming at a faster than ever pace and delivering better end-user experiences through a combination of legacy and modern applications across on-premises, cloud, and edge infrastructures. Fueled by modern application practices such as DevOps, Agile, and CI/CD, the number of application service requests continue to skyrocket,” said Prabhakar Manickam, General Manager of Application delivery Automation at AppViewX. “Our value to F5 customers is to help simplify end-to-end application delivery and accelerate time-to-value through automation and self-servicing of day 0, 1 and N changes across the app delivery infrastructure, as well as providing native integrations into ecosystem technologies such as PKI, DDI, and ITSM.”

The AppViewX platform is an enterprise grade solution with capabilities that add automation, visibility, performance, policy enforcement, and security for F5 application delivery controllers (ADCs), including BIG-IP and NGINX offerings. Network, security, and application teams benefit from AppViewX self-service catalogs, out-of-the-box workflows, and role based access control (RBAC) to address these challenges:

  • Application delivery speed: promote cross-functional collaboration to accelerate application delivery by reducing incidents and mean time to resolution (MTTR) for provisioning and configuring applications across F5 and NGINX ADCs
  • Infrastructure complexity: simplify application delivery with centralized management and automation of ADC deployment across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • Application visibility and management: improve application delivery, availability, and performance with intuitive, single-click application traffic management
  • Security and compliance: address security in parallel with application delivery, including centralized policy enforcement, proactive identification of configuration drift, and automated configuration compliance as well as firmware upgrades to address CVEs

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