Tetrate offers industry-first application connectivity platform that combines API gateway, WAF and service mesh capabilities with out-of-the-box API governance

Tetrate offers industry-first application connectivity platform that combines API gateway_ WAF and service mesh capabilities with out-of-the-box API governance-01

Tetrate, founded by the creators and maintainers of Istio and Envoy, today announced the general availability of Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB), Golden Gate Release. This latest release combines API Gateway, a web application firewall (WAF), and service mesh capabilities into a single management plane, delivering the industry’s first cloud-agnostic platform for unified application connectivity. By unifying these capabilities, TSB brings centralized governance and decentralized enforcement to application networks—an essential requirement for implementing Zero Trust security for legacy and modern workloads.

TSB’s Envoy-based application network layer dissolves the distinction between north-south and east-west traffic: it’s all just application traffic. Developers can now apply capabilities traditionally only available in an API gateway to any part of their application topology, from the edge to the workload. The TSB Golden Gate release includes API Gateway and a comprehensive set of API governance features out of the box.

“As enterprises scale their cloud-native application environments, robust application connectivity and networks become both critical and increasingly complex,” said Brad Casemore, vice president for research, datacenter, and multicloud networking at IDC. “Paradoxically, the application network is most valuable when it is invisible – easy to deploy and operate and unobtrusive, yet elastically scalable and secure in highly distributed environments without hindering developers and their applications. With the latest release of Tetrate Service Bridge, Tetrate is responding to this need, simplifying centralized control over edge-to-workload connectivity that spans multiple clusters, clouds and compute resources.”

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Gaining access and knowing how to configure application-specific network and security policies can be challenging for developers and ultimately impact productivity. At the same time, network and security teams lack the resources to enforce policies and ensure compliance. This disconnect between access and knowledge leads to non-compliant connectivity and inconsistent policy enforcement, which in turn leads to security breaches. With the Golden Gate release, TSB allows developers to configure policies for their applications without having to learn the complexities of new technologies like Envoy and Istio, and still be able to leverage their power.

“As a leader in educational technology, our flagship product, ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, is the premier digital education program for young children in the United States,” said Jeremy Farber, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at Age of Learning. “We appreciate the way the Golden Gate release of Tetrate Service Bridge helps us achieve security at the application layer, not just the network layer.”

TSB is now available as a fully managed Tetrate-hosted service in addition to self-managed deployment. The TSB-managed service significantly reduces the initial investment required to begin using Zero Trust architectures, encouraging experimentation and further reducing complexity for customers. The managed service can be used for pilot projects, smaller projects or for all projects, depending on the needs of each customer.

“Application architectures are becoming increasingly distributed in nature,” said Varun Talwar, CEO and co-founder of Tetrate. “Combined with the need for multicloud infrastructure, application networking, and security policies, management becomes a complex issue. TSB elegantly simplifies this challenge with its administration plane, a layer that binds the runtime system to the users and teams. Enterprises can implement controls for regulatory requirements with confidence and operate many independent teams on the same infrastructure without encountering common-fate failures.”

The release of Golden Gate follows a highly successful year in which more than 20 Fortune 500 financial services, healthcare and retail companies adopted the original version of TSB and increased the number of managed clusters by 10x year-over-year . Customers have given us valuable feedback on the key features of the new version, including:

  • A unified application connectivity platform to deploy and manage WAF, API GW, service mesh, and exit controls
  • A clean, declarative experience for application developers to configure application traffic and security controls where they can be defined once and applied anywhere
  • ​​A single management window to manage application traffic across heterogeneous environments including Kubernetes, virtual machines, bare metal servers, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Multi-tenancy: create tenants for teams within an organization to define fine-grained access control and editing rights and maintain zero-trust as the default; Audit changes to services and shared resources from start to finish
  • Next-gen out-of-the-box API governance with just enough built-in API gateway capabilities for ease of use
  • Deploy WAF with blessed configuration wherever needed, edge to workload, not just at a single firewall
  • Deployment and lifecycle management of Service Mesh (Istio and Envoy) across multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Application level segmentation: Secure applications, not (only) networks

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