Aquia Inc. Enters the Digital Services Coalition of Companies Driving Government Transformation

Aquia Inc

Aquia Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in cloud and cybersecurity professional services, today announced that it has joined the Digital Services Coalition (DSC) of companies working to make the government work better through digital change.

There are organizations inside the government (United States Digital Service/Corp, 18F, Presidential Innovation Fellows) that are already spearheading efforts to improve how government delivers services to the American public. But they need support from commercial tech firms to make sweeping changes to how things are done.Nimble, forward-thinking firms are the ones who can make this a reality.

“Aquia and the DSC have a lot of the same characteristics as organizations,” said Aquia Chief Executive Officer, David Maskeroni. “Joining this team of dedicated professionals will ensure Aquia remains focused on the toughest challenges in government, and we know that this partnership will allow us to continue to be a force for good.”

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As thought leaders, advisors, and trusted partners in government digital services, the Digital Services Coalition is driven by:

  • Community: Establish a collaborative community of innovative vendors to influence digital services in the government
  • Advocacy: Promote policies that remove barriers to innovation in government while increasing the adoption of best practices, methodologies, and processes, such as human-centered design and agile delivery
  • Impact: Make a meaningful difference in the daily lives of users through improved interactions with the government, prioritizing equitable delivery to those who have traditionally been underserved
  • Education: Educate the civic tech ecosystem, including government agencies, other vendors, and users, on best practices in digital services
  • Partnership: Cultivate enduring relationships within our community of vendors and government partners to maintain long-term success in digital service delivery

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