Argon Releases its Integrity solution, the Industry’s First software supply chain security that prevent supply chain attacks such as the SolarWinds breach

Argon Releases its Integrity solution_ the Industry's First software supply chain security that prevent supply chain attacks such as the SolarWinds breach

Argon Security, announced today the release of its patent-pending Integrity™ solution that enables organizations to detect and block software supply chain attacks like the ones against SolarWinds and ClickStudios. The solution also eliminates supply chain risks from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and weak dependencies in your CI/CD pipeline.

Argon Integrity™ solidifies Argon’s leadership position in driving software supply chain security for the new world of DevOps-led high-velocity software development and enhancement of confidence and trust in companies’ software releases.

Argon’s patent-pending solution monitors the development process and prevents source-code tampering or manipulation during the software development and release process. Together with the infrastructure hardening and process security, Argon is the only solution in the market that provides holistic, multi-layered prevention of supply chain threats.

Argon provides end to end software supply chain security and helps prevent supply chain attacks

Argon’s proactive approach to supply chain security, DevSecOps methodology and best practices, and comprehensive AppSec posture  platform provides companies with effective security over their development process including code, build, and artifact stages, and  enables control over the security and quality of the code released

“The SolarWinds’ breach highlighted the fact that the software supply chain is a new attack vector that organizations are not currently equipped to defend against,” said Eilon Elhadad, CEO, Argon. “Our solution provides full visibility into the development environment and protects our customers from bad actors who seek to tamper with their code or native behavior and uptime of their applications.”

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“Defending against supply chain attacks is a difficult challenge. Argon is the first solution I’ve seen that can provide broad visibility and security across your software supply chain, detect and prevent risks from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and supply chain attacks,” said Stephen Davis, Chief Information Security Officer at Macmillan, “This is a quantum leap forward for the defending side.”

In this new wave of software supply chain attacks that preyed on SolarWinds, Codecov, and thousands of other companies, attackers are taking advantage of the high complexity and low security within new modern software development environments to exploit and cause massive damage, not only to the attacked company, but to their thousands of customers.

Over the past few years, most companies that develop code have adopted continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes to automate their software development, allowing them to expedite their software and feature releases and maintain a competitive advantage over their markets. This has made them a target for supply chain attacks.

“Argon’s solution enables companies to secure their software supply chain against the risks of supply chain attacks effectively,” said Eran Orzel, Argon’s chief revenue and customer officer. “Our unique and in-depth security technology allows us to cross-check and validate actions across the pipeline and prevent damage to the company’s infrastructure, code or application from supply chain attacks. Such consolidated multi-layer coverage is not available in the market today under a single solution.”

The Integrity™ announcement comes only a few months after raising more than $4 million (USD) in seed funding led by Hyperwise Ventures and several high-profile cybersecurity angel investors, including Shlomo Kramer, the founder of Check Point, Imperva, and Cato Networks; Zohar Alon, Founder of Dome9; the announcement indicates the fast pace of innovation required in this market.

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