Ligado Networks Joins Open RAN Policy Coalition

Open RAN Policy Coalition

The company joins with biggest names in the industry to support new approach that will advance U.S. position in 5G

Ligado Networks today announced it is joining the Open RAN Policy Coalition, a new organization advocating for technology that will boost competition and innovation in how wireless networks are built.

Already being deployed by major wireless carriers across the globe, Open RAN technology leverages secure software and ready-to-use hardware from a broad range of suppliers to give wireless carriers more flexibility in choosing the right radio access network vendor for their needs. This flexibility is a crucial component of Ligado’s plans to build and deploy new 5G networks for enterprise customers in critical U.S. industries like transportation, manufacturing, energy, and health care. The Coalition is designed to promote policy priorities that facilitate the further growth and emergence of this technology.

“Ligado is proud to stand with our colleagues in the wireless industry in support of this more modern approach to wireless networking,” Ligado CTO Maqbool Aliani said. “This technology ensures that carriers can use the right vendor for the job, which helps diversify our ecosystem, drive innovation, and increase resiliency.”

In addition to allowing operators to build networks at lower costs and update their infrastructure more quickly, Open RAN will help drive U.S. leadership in 5G and advance national security – two of Ligado’s core goals – by bringing new U.S. vendors into the mix and enabling American alternatives to Huawei.

“Open RAN Policy Coalition members believe open interfaces create innovation, spur competition, and expand the supply chain for advanced wireless technologies including 5G,” Coalition Executive Director Diane Rinaldo said. “That our membership reflects a diverse group of forward-thinking companies illustrates how powerful Open RAN can be for innovation, and we’re excited to have Ligado join our growing ranks.”

Formed in May, the Open RAN Policy Coalition now boasts more than 50 members, including some of the most prominent names in U.S. technology and telecommunications.