Asurvio Launches Solve iQ To Deliver Global IT Support On-demand Solution

Asurvio Launches Solve iQ To Deliver Global IT Support On-demand Solution

Solve iQ Launches Its Subscription-Based Software Platform For Consumers, Businesses and Enterprise Users.

Solve iQ, a new brand from Asurvio LP — the global trusted device performance authority — announced today its brand-new monthly subscription-based service that provides real-time personalized improvements across all major PC-based applications. It also resolves common issues on PCs for consumers, businesses and enterprise customers with a combination of targeted updates and solutions to common annoyances and distractions. Solve iQ is an independent service provider that keeps users productive and focused by optimizing the apps they are focused on, protecting them from unwanted apps or malware that slow systems down, and applying the updates that will keep them productive.

Going far beyond the ability to automatically optimize, protect, and detect updates and repairs for both consumers and businesses, Solve iQ is a sophisticated IT support on-demand utility for users of any PC competence level. Solve iQ’s focus is to improve productivity and experiences that consumers and small businesses care about most while creating additional value to their OEM partners, service providers and their respective customers.

“It’s not enough to simply schedule system scans and provide occasional updates for PCs, especially with so many people working from home today,” said Bogdan Odulinski, vice president of strategy and partnerships at Solve iQ. “Now consumers and businesses demand their devices to deliver the experiences and productivity promised to them by the device manufacturers, software, and IT services providers that they or their businesses have chosen.  Solve iQ delivers to those expectations.”

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Since Solve iQ’s Just-in-Time (JIT) patented optimization solution is equally applicable to business users, Solve iQ will soon be releasing additional services targeting small-business customers.  It is also making its platform available to enterprise customers.  Those looking to take advantage of Solve iQ Business or Solve iQ Enterprise can work with the company directly to determine a customized pricing option based on their specific technical needs, and consumers will pay $9.99 a month for the services including:

  1. App enhancements in real time
  2. Automatically identifies and fixes issues while providing proactive updates
  3. 24/7 PC protection & privacy
  4. Immediate personalized customer service help

All of Solve iQ’s new solutions include a renewed focus on endpoint security protection and privacy enhancements. Deceptive app protection provided by AppEsteem stops low reputation actors from loading or installing on PCs which provides additional protection on top of traditional anti-virus solutions.

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DNS web browsing protection provided by Quad9 keeps browsing private and safe from phishing and malware websites looking to steal user information and violate privacy. Users will have more confidence when browsing online.

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