Aura Survey unveils7 in 10 Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members Have Experienced Digital Crime


In honor of Veterans Day, Aura, the leader in intelligent safety for consumers, has released new data that highlights the impact of digital crime on military families. “The Impact of Digital Crime on U.S. Military and Veterans” report is a nation-wide survey fielded in conjunction with Ipsos, the world’s third largest insights and analytics company. The data shows military families are at increased risk of digital crime than the average family, with 71% of Veterans and active-duty service members reporting experience with digital crime, where 60% of the total population report similar experiences.

In 2021, the military community made more than 200,000 reports of fraud, identity theft and other scams to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), costing military families more than $267 million. While all connected individuals are at risk of digital crime, members of the military are uniquely exposed. Frequent relocation to new duty stations and access to specific government benefits and classified information make them particularly interesting targets for criminals.

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“America is facing an onslaught of digital crime that is only gaining momentum. It’s disheartening to see that the individuals who sacrifice to protect our country are seeing disproportionate impact as a result of this crisis,” said Aura founder and CEO Hari Ravichandran. “Aura is committed to reducing the impact of digital crime for all Americans, but this Veterans Day we shine the spotlight on the military community and underscore the need to strengthen digital protections for those who have served.”

Aura’s new data provides further insights into the online safety problem that the military community is facing in an increasingly digital world:

  • 71% of Veterans and active-duty service members surveyed had been victims of digital crime, compared to 60% of the general population surveyed
    • 52% of Veterans and service members who have experienced digital crime, have been victims of more than one type of digital crime
  • 73% of Veterans and service members are concerned about digital crimes, compared to 67% of the general population
  • 1 in 6 Veterans and service members who have experienced digital crimes experienced financial loss, and one in ten say they will never be able to fully resolve the issue that the crime caused
  • 58% of Veterans and service members have been notified that their information was part of a data breach, significantly more than the general population (48%)
    • 66% of Veterans and service members who have experienced a digital crime have also had their information stolen in a data breach

Aura has been advocating for this vulnerable community through partnerships with organizations like Blue Star Families, in addition to providing educational resources and supporting volunteering efforts. This Veterans Day, the company is doubling down on its commitment to curbing the impact of digital crime against military families by leading a public education campaign to raise awareness of the risk and provide resources to military families to help prevent fraud. In addition to the survey, Aura has published an online safety guide for Veterans that explains the various factors that put Veterans at risk for digital crime and outlines actionable advice for how they can prevent fraud.

“Cybercrime, identity theft and fraud have been of increasing concern for the military community in this digital age. Through our two year partnership with Aura, they helped us communicate the scale and impact of this issue and have proven to be a strong advocate for all military families,” said Blue Star Families co-founder and CEO Kathy Roth-Douquet. “We are proud to continue our work together to provide Veterans and military families with the resources they need to stay safe online.”

This survey was conducted October 18-28, 2022 by Ipsos using the probability-based KnowledgePanel® – a division of Ipsos. This poll is based on a nationally representative probability sample of 1,009 general population adults aged 18+, with an oversample of 268 veterans and active-duty military members.

More details on the survey and methodology are available for download here. For additional resources and comprehensive digital protection with Aura’s online safety app, visit

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