Authomize Announces Collaboration with Microsoft, Providing Customers Secure and Automated Permission Management

Authomize Announces Collaboration with Microsoft_ Providing Customers Secure and Automated Permission Management

Authomize, the automated cloud-based authorization management solution announced today the release of its integration with the Microsoft Graph API, enabling customers to better secure their organization’s identity and application permissions. to build a secure and productive organizational authorization state.

The collaboration provides Authomize customers contextual, explainable, prescriptive suggestions to achieve the right permissions state for their Microsoft services. Using the Microsoft Graph API, Authomize can now aggregate all the information required to offer IT and Security managers actionable recommendations for their permission granting decision making.

By integrating with the Microsoft Graph API, Authomize can evaluate its customers’ organization structure and the authorization details of various products and resources in the cloud. The organization’s role assignments, groups security settings, Microsoft SharePoint sites, Microsoft OneDrive files access details, calendar sharing information, applications, and service principal access scopes and settings, and even information about other identity providers, are all available through this collaborative API.

“Managing permissions in today’s complex IT environment is a big challenge both for IT and Security teams,” said Dotan Bar Noy, Co-founder and CEO of Authomize“Securely granting the exact scope and level of permissions to a growing number of human and non-human identities is a difficult and costly task. Our integration with the Microsoft Graph API allows us to understand the relationship between all identities and provide actionable recommendations that ensure security and enable better productivity.”

Ben Summers, Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft Corp. said, “By enabling integrations with Microsoft Graph APIs, Authomize helps our mutual customers gain additional visibility and control of multiple solutions to reduce risk and improve permission management overhead. Microsoft Graph API facilitates Authomize’s holistic approach and offers our customers access to granular authorization management capabilities, enabling increased visibility and secure authorization of all assets across Microsoft’s SaaS solutions.”