AutoRABIT Announces New Product Capabilities at Inaugural User Conference

AutoRABIT Announces New Product Capabilities at Inaugural User Conference

AutoRABIT made some exciting announcements over the course of its three-day user conference in Orlando earlier this month. A Salesforce storage cost saver helps identify storage inefficiencies and minimize the impact of Salesforce’s expensive data storage repository. Another tool helps streamline rollbacks in nCino to a feature accomplished in just a few clicks. AutoRABIT also revealed a new tool that scans MuleSoft rules and APIs to secure the transfer of data between Salesforce and third-party applications.

“We keep our customers at the center of everything we do,” said Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Product Management at AutoRABIT. “We’ll keep learning and empowering you to be successful with your customers.”

As a company’s wealth of data continues to grow, its Salesforce storage costs can reach beyond $8 million annually. This is because Salesforce storage is 1,000 times more expensive than conventional data storage. AutoRABIT’s Salesforce storage cost optimizer tool identifies archivable data with just a few clicks, enabling users to move unneeded data out of their Salesforce environment and into off-site storage. This process offers incredible cost savings in monthly storage fees.

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nCino’s cloud banking platform is a leading solution for those in the financial industry. AutoRABIT’s new nCino rollback capabilities can help reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to perform these processes and allow users to accomplish a rollback in just a few clicks.

MuleSoft is a popular way for companies to connect their Salesforce environment to external applications. Sensitive information is stored inside configuration files that flow between the Salesforce environment and a third-party platform. AutoRABIT’s new MuleSoft scanner tool analyzes the security settings of these configuration files to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t introduced to the system. For example, this tool can check if the credentials for a third-party database are properly defined to guarantee files are properly encrypted.

Dev(H)Ops Live 2023 was an engaging, informative, and fun three days. AutoRABIT and other industry leaders hosted sessions on everything from Salesforce security posture management to providing a positive work environment that encourages your team to live happy, fulfilled lives. Professionals in a variety of industries learned from each other and brought home actionable insights that will help them get the most from their AutoRABIT toolset and their Salesforce DevOps pipeline as a whole.

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