Bamboo Technology teams with Stealthcare to fight cybersecurity threats to its government, corporate and NGO clients in the UK

Bamboo Technology teams with Stealthcare to fight cybersecurity threats

The new Stealthcare relationship bolsters Bamboo’s security profile as a leading Managed Service Provider in the UK.

International cybersecurity leader Stealthcare has announced a new partnership with Bamboo Technology Group that gives this UK-based Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) a tactical advantage when it comes to providing its clients with enhanced cyber intelligence and predictive analytics now needed to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

In contrast to most reactive cybersecurity platforms, Stealthcare’s Zero Day Live Platform combined with its human intelligence expertise, gives Bamboo the ability to deliver both offensive and defensive cybersecurity services to its government, corporate and not-for-profit client base.

In making the announcement, Lorrin White, Bamboo Technology’s managing director, said, “Cybersecurity today means we have to infiltrate the enemy camp to get the intelligence we need to combat the threats and Stealthcare is on the leading edge of being aware of these threats before anyone else. With Stealthcare as our partner, we now offer our customers a proactive solution to pre-empt threats or attacks and take the necessary preventative action to protect themselves in advance.”

Bamboo Technology Group has over 20 years of experience across the communications, technology and cyberspace universe, and is one of only a handful of Service Providers for major networks in the UK. During its two decades, Bamboo Technology has come to be recognized as an industry leader by building up an impressive wealth of knowledge.

White emphasized, “Our relationship with Stealthcare is especially valuable now that the International Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has begun to crack down on organizations that are not abiding by, or meeting GDPR compliance regulations. Stealthcare’s human intelligence tradecraft and ZDL Platform markedly reduce the risk and close the gap on GDPR compliance for our clients at a time when it is most urgent.”

Stealthcare CEO Jeremy Samide added, “Integrating Bamboo’s knowledge of the connectivity world with Stealthcare’s cyber threat assessment strategies, as well as our defensive and offensive cyber capability, establishes Bamboo as a powerhouse in the MSP environment.”

A decade in development, Stealthcare’s Zero Day Live platform was launched three years ago and has since been recognized as the most complete cyberthreat intelligence and aggregation platform on the market. Samide added, “Our threat intelligence predictions give clients the advance warning needed to defend against sophisticated and dangerous cyberattacks ranging from state-sponsored groups to those launched by lone wolves and terrorist organizations. With our involvement, Bamboo can offer its government clients the offensive capabilities needed to impede cyberattacks and intelligence gathering ploys by rogue states and bad actors trying to interfere with elections, military operations, and other government activities.”

Stealthcare developed the world’s most complete cyber threat intelligence and aggregation platform, Zero Day Live (ZDL). ZDL is the force multiplier desperately needed for survival within today’s government and private sector environments.