Bang & Olufsen Taps Cybersecurity Firm BrandShield to Take Down Hundreds of IP Infringing Listings Every Month

Bang _ Olufsen Taps Cybersecurity Firm BrandShield to Take Down Hundreds of IP Infringing Listings Every Month

BrandShield (LSE: BRSD), an Israeli online threat hunting company specialized in monitoring, detecting, and removing online threats, and luxury audio brand, Bang & Olufsen (CPH: BO) today announced impactful results from a recent partnership, where thousands of counterfeit listings and brand infringements have been removed with an unrivaled success rate.

“We chose BrandShield because of its exceptional product offering, but what really sold us was their legal competence, combined with their deep commercial understanding of how our business works, and we have been impressed by the results.” said Morten R. Serup, Bang & Olufsen’s Brand Protection Officer. “With BrandShield on board, we knew we could manage brand protection risks before they caused irreparable damage”.

As a highly respected international brand that operates in 70 markets, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) established a brand protection division in early 2020 to combat increasing online threats from trademark misuse, counterfeit offerings and other brand infringements.

The audio leader quickly realized a comprehensive solution was needed to analyze, detect and take down counterfeit sales, impersonation and fraud with better enforcement capabilities to protect the brand, minimize risk exposure and maintain customer loyalty, and engaged Brandshield to provide this comprehensive solution.

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BrandShield immediately leveraged its industry leading AI and ML platform to automate the tracking of all risks across platforms, covering counterfeit products, trademark and copyright infringements across rogue websites, social media platforms, and e-commerce marketplaces where risks were abundant.

The holistic approach eliminated threats with a 98% successful takedown rate and with 90% of sites taken down automatically, which saved Bang & Olufsen valuable time and resources.

“When a company’s most important asset is its brand, it’s vital to implement real-time online threat hunting solutions that protect it with the precision and speed that online businesses require,” said Yoav Keren, CEO of BrandShield. “We’re thrilled to partner with leading companies like B&O to ensure their brand is protected online, and safeguard their customers and employees both now and well into the future.”

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