Barmak Meftah Enters Open XDR Leader Stellar Cyber as Board Advisor


Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR, today announced that Barmak Meftah has joined the company as an advisor to the Board of Directors. Meftah, who is Co-founder and General Partner of Ballistic Ventures and was formerly President of AT&T Cybersecurity and President and CEO of AlienVault, brings over 25 years of innovative cybersecurity market and management experience to his advisory role at Stellar Cyber.

“At AlienVault, we delivered an excellent product to unify appropriate security components and make detection and response super-easy and accessible. In addition, we always had the vision to be an open platform and integrate with customers’ existing security stack,” said Meftah. “Today this vision has emerged as Open XDR, and Stellar Cyber is at the forefront of this accelerating trend. I’m thrilled to help advise the company as it continues to innovate and rapidly grow market share.”

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Meftah draws on his extensive expertise as a leader in cybersecurity to help enhance Stellar Cyber’s product development and marketing strategies. In addition to his leadership positions at AT&T Cybersecurity and AlienVault, he previously held management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Fortify Software, Synchron and Oracle.

“We adopted AlienVault a couple of years ago because it was the NG-SIEM pioneer and market leader, and it performed well for us,” said Joe Morin, CEO of CyFlare. “We adopted Stellar Cyber because it unifies SIEM, SOAR and NDR and it makes our analysts more productive.”

“Our ability to attract a cybersecurity rock star like Barmak Meftah as an advisor to our Board is a testament to our vision and market leadership,” said Changming Liu, CEO and Co-Founder and CEO of Stellar Cyber. “His leadership experience at AT&T and AlienVault and his current role as an investor focusing on cybersecurity are invaluable to us. We are excited to inject his insights into our strategy sessions and carry out his vision of building an open and intelligent platform to democratize cybersecurity.”

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