BCS2021 Held in Beijing, Focusing on Operation Security

BCS2021 Held in Beijing_ Focusing on Operation Security

At present, the digital wave has swept the world, the society has entered a new stage driven by data, and cyber security has become the premise and cornerstone of the development of digital economy.

At the recent 2021 Beijing Cyber Security Conference (BCS2021), some experts said that facing the high requirements, high risks and high uncertainties in the digital age, the industry needs to focus on operation security and change its development thinking and mode.

According to the Organizing Committee of BCS2021, with the theme of “Planning & Operating Cyber Security Ensure Enterprise Operates Safely”, BCS2021 took place recently in the form of a cloud summit. More than 10 CAS and CAE academicians and over 200 extinguished foreign guests exchanged views on and discussed hot topics such as security responsibility, industry trends, digital city, data governance, internet of vehicles, and password application. BCS is known as the Davos Forum in the field of cyber security.

The theme words of the conferences in recent three consecutive years “endogenous security”, “security framework” and “operation security” constitute a “trilogy” of cyber security.

“The ‘digital epidemic’ caused by network insecurity and cybercrime through ransomware is as serious as Covid-19. The victims and threats are global and have no national boundaries,” John Davis, global vice president and chief security officer of Palo Alto Networks, a famous cyber security company, said in his speech at the conference.

Neil MacDonald, vice president of outstanding research at Gartner, a consulting firm, delivered a speech entitled “Global Cyber Security Trends in 2021”. He said that the current global security challenges will give birth to new trends of security and risk management, one of which is to proactively identify risks by using vulnerability and attack simulation tools.

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In the face of a complex cyber security situation, it is necessary to establish an overall, systematic, and dynamic protection concept, adhere to bottom-line thinking and proactive defense, and comprehensively deal with the ever-changing security risks.

What is the dynamic protection concept? Qi Xiangdong, co-chairman of the conference and chairman of Qi-Anxin Group, said: “Network security involves both attack and defense, just like spear and shield. If you develop an advanced shield, it will fall behind after a period of time, because your opponent will definitely develop a more advanced spear against the shield. Therefore, no security protection is once and for all and always advanced.”

He further explained that the realization of cyber security is a dynamic process of improvement, and only by constantly upgrading security capabilities can complex problems be solved.

To this end, more efforts should be made to enhance security capability to protect complex systems and complex transactions; mobilize sufficient human and financial resources to meet unlimited security demand; provide professional and efficient security operation services to resist complex network attacks; strengthen cognitive ability to form strong situational awareness; turn security products into capabilities, resources and services; comprehensively improve credit capacity, refine the credit, and achieve dynamic control through dynamic evaluation of trust.

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