Beachhead Solutions Adds Windows Security Management to the BeachheadSecure® Platform


Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control, today announced that the BeachheadSecure® platform now includes account-wide Windows Security management at no additional cost. With this launch, BeachheadSecure directly manages and leverages Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Microsoft Defender Firewall, and Microsoft Controlled Folder Access—in tandem with BeachheadSecure’s own RiskResponder capabilities—to automate access controls and secure devices and data before threats can strike.

“Businesses with Windows devices require vigilant and comprehensive security capabilities that they can flexibly command and customize,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales & Channel Development, Beachhead Solutions. “BeachheadSecure is built to match the layered and holistic security strategy that today’s organizations must have to stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats and ensure ongoing compliance. Adding account-wide Windows Security management to BeachheadSecure offers organizations a powerfully straightforward solution for optimizing layered Windows Security tooling, and orchestrating effective threat mitigation responses all from a single console.”

The BeachheadSecure platform enables businesses to manage and enforce a layered approach to encryption, with absolute control over data access across all company PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers, and USB storage devices. With BeachheadSecure, organizations have the ability to remotely remove access to data on compromised devices, or to remotely destroy that data whenever necessary. BeachheadSecure’s unique RiskResponder tools empower companies to flexibly prepare automated responses to given risks, from invalid login attempts to devices traveling outside of authorized geolocations. RiskResponder works seamlessly with Microsoft security tools, measures threats 24/7/365, and takes automatic action when risks exceed company-acceptable thresholds.

By now adding account-wide Windows Security management, organizations can easily, quickly, and remotely manage Windows Security across all of their devices from BeachheadSecure’s single-pane-of-glass console. IT admin and security teams can automate and schedule Microsoft Defender scans, harnessing one of the best antivirus software solutions for detecting, blocking, and neutralizing malware while minimizing ransomware risk. Microsoft Defender Firewall similarly enables critical security policy enforcement and account-wide consistency. Controlled Folder Access allows organizations to protect valuable data from threats, delivering additional safeguards against malware, ransomware, and other nefarious attacks.

Coupling these Windows Security capabilities with RiskResponder offers unprecedented reporting and customizable security response options beyond those offered by Microsoft alone. BeachheadSecure additionally protects against nefarious insider risk, compliance violations, credential compromise, and poor user security hygiene. In response to any detected risks to an organization’s data, BeachheadSecure generates informative logs, alerts, and audit-quality reports to track all Windows Security threat mitigation efforts.

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“Keeping IT security operations straightforward goes a long way toward ensuring that protective measures are properly deployed, always-on, and effective,” said David Weisong, the CIO of Energy Solutions, an energy efficiency and carbon mitigation consulting firm that uses the BeachheadSecure platform. “We’re looking forward to deploying BeachheadSecure’s new Windows Security management capabilities as part of our always-evolving security posture.”

“Businesses are increasingly realizing that while encryption is an absolute necessity, it alone isn’t enough to protect their Windows environments,” said Roberson. “Many are also seeking out powerful tooling that can enable them to meet compliance with NIST and other increasingly-strict regulatory frameworks. With this particularly adventurous addition to the platform, BeachheadSecure now checks even more of the boxes that so many businesses are looking at right now.”

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