NetSPI’s Latest Breach and Attack Simulation Enhancements Assist Organizations Accomplish Behavior-Based Threat Detection

NetSPI's Latest Breach and Attack Simulation Enhancements Assist Organizations Accomplish Behavior-Based Threat Detection-01

NetSPI, the leader in penetration testing and attack surface management, today announced new Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) enhancements to meet increased market demand for improved threat detection. With the combination of the AttackSim cloud-native technology platform and hands-on counsel from NetSPI’s expert penetration testing team, organizations can continuously test their detective controls against real-world attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

According to NetSPI data, only 20% of common attack behaviors are caught by out-of-the-box detective controls (EDR, SIEM, MSSPs) – leaving organizations with a false sense of security. The updates to NetSPI’s Breach and Attack Simulation allow detection engineers to measure their ability to detect common adversary behaviors and ultimately prioritize detection development as well as investments.

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Following the initial collaborative assessment with NetSPI’s experts, the AttackSim technology platform is provided to organizations for continuous testing and improvement. The platform features many new updates including:

  • Seamless use, regardless of skill level: An enhanced user experience (UX) and a refined user interface (UI) can be used by experts and novices alike.
  • New automated plays and playbooks: Detailed manual procedures for reproducing attacker behavior, as well as consistently updated security playbooks, allow organizations to better strengthen their security posture. With the latest updates, NetSPI has nearly 300 attack plays that can be used to test detective controls.
  • Enhanced reporting: Security teams now have additional data and metrics to work with, such as peer comparison, year-over-year reporting, and telemetry flow analysis. New reports that support programmatic, tactic, technique, and procedure (TTP) summary metrics are also now available.

“Indicators of Compromise have become less useful as the threat landscape evolves at a breakneck speed,” said Cody Chamberlain, Head of Product at NetSPI. “To stay ahead of malicious actors, organizations must shift their gaze to detect attackers before something bad happens. The NetSPI AttackSim platform, combined with the power of our skilled team of penetration testers, lets organizations continuously simulate real attack behavior, providing better insight into the efficacy of their detective controls.”

“Small and medium-sized organizations with limited personnel often rely on MSSPs to implement detections and operate similarly to a security operations center (SOC),” said Scott Sutherland, Senior Director, Adversary Simulation and Infrastructure Testing at NetSPI. “We built Breach and Attack Simulation not only to improve detections but also to enable organizations to validate MSSP coverage and better understand the scope of their agreements.”

NetSPI will be demoing the AttackSim platform and its new capabilities during RSA Conference 2022 at booth #4605 in the North Expo Exhibit Hall. Schedule a meeting with the team.

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