BigID Announces Snowflake Partnership to Deliver New Discovery Insights for Personal and Regulated Data


The partnership reduces risk, enables compliance, and empowers organizations to find, classify, and catalog their sensitive data

BigID, the leader in data discovery and intelligence for privacy, protection and perspective, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, creator of the Data Cloud, to deliver scalable data insights and protection for enterprise data. Joint customers can now get even more value from their Snowflake data through BigID’s advanced data discovery for sensitive and regulated data.

With this partnership, BigID provides Snowflake users ML based methods for finding personal, sensitive, privileged and regulated data for simplified data protection, privacy and perspective. Using BigID and Snowflake customers can:

  • Find, classify, catalog and correlate PII, contextual PI, regulated, and other sensitive data
  • Simplify governance and compliance of Snowflake data
  • Provide end-to-end compliance for CCPA, LGPD and GDPR data rights and mapping
  • Identify high risk data for security
  • Profile and speed data quality

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“Customers are leveraging Snowflake’s platform for its speed, flexibility, and performance,” said Will Murphy, VP Alliances at BigID. “This partnership with Snowflake optimizes our advanced data discovery and intelligence to Snowflake workloads.”

“Our mission is to help companies get more value from their data,” said Jonathan Sander, Field CTO at Snowflake. “BigID’s data-first approach to discovery, privacy, security, and governance is a perfect fit for the Snowflake partner ecosystem, empowering joint customers to discover more data, take action, and gain a single source of truth across their data.”