Crisis24 Introduces an unmatched mass notification system for TopoONE

Crisis24 Introduces an unmatched mass notification system for TopoONE

Crisis24, a premier global risk management company and a GardaWorld company , has developed an enhanced world-class mass notification capability that is now integrated into TopoONE by Crisis24, the enterprise-critical event management platform for security operations centers ( GSOCs ).

Native to TopoONE, this reliable mass notification module provides continuous access to multiple communication channels to facilitate rapid escalation and action. With integrated communications, security operations centers will have the flexibility and resources to coordinate urgent responses effectively.

“Fast and reliable two-way communication is essential in effective incident or crisis resolution. As part of TopoONE’s streamlined customer experience, we’ve integrated mass notifications to give security operations centers seamless access to multiple communication channels bidirectional with its users”. said Grégoire Pinton, Managing Director, Head of Integrated Risk Management at Crisis24. “Combined with TopoONE’s unmatched ability to integrate unlimited data and information sources and services, our clients have a unique and powerful solution for their risk and crisis management needs.”

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TopoONE’s mass notification solution enables rapid communication with parties, both nationally and internationally, who may be affected by a critical incident or event by providing:

  • Seamless integration with multiple channels for two-way communication delivery, including email, SMS, text-to-speech, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.
  • Full ability to configure messages, including language, content, structure, branding, sender ID, distribution lists, and more.
  • Crisis response and life safety registries that allow for the receipt of direct notifications of individuals indicating that they need assistance.
  • Efficiency enablers such as messaging automation via workflow rules and critical missing data notifications to ensure successful communications.
  • Automatic cascade of messages through additional channels if no response is received within the designated time frame
  • Real-time tracking of message deliveries and responses
  • Integrated multilingual capabilities with multilingual templates and personalization of messages according to the language preference indicated by the recipient.

TopoONE by Crisis24 is an innovative platform used by supply chain and security teams globally to manage risk to people, assets and sites. Using powerful visualization, workflow, communication, automation, and analytics, Crisis24’s TopoONE defines the future of security operations.

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