Blackpoint Cyber Launches Blackpoint LogIC

Blackpoint Cyber Launches Blackpoint LogIC-01

Blackpoint Cyber, a leading technology-focused cybersecurity company, has announced the launch of their newest MDR add-on solution, Blackpoint LogIC (Logging with Integrated Compliance).

Examining the increasing demand for cybersecurity compliance, Jon Murchison, CEO of Blackpoint Cyber, stated “We developed LogIC to offer MSPs and their partners a streamlined solution that eliminated the complexities of compliance without compromising security posture”. For context, regulatory compliance is usually expensive and challenging to manage in the long-term even for larger, mature businesses. Due to the effort and cost of building compliance programs and teams, many are faced with the difficult decision to either put resources towards meeting compliance requirements or investing in real cybersecurity. Murchison explains, “The team here at Blackpoint spent over nine months developing a new and affordable compliance solution. We leveraged our existing nation state-grade 24/7 MDR technology to ensure that businesses can satisfy both needs with one powerful solution.”

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LogIC Highlights

Many requirements in security compliance frameworks require the collection of data, events, and logs. Blackpoint LogIC’s hyper-efficient logging architecture supports the real-time collection of Windows Event Logs, Windows File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), and applications supporting general system logging protocol (syslog). Collected data is tamperproof, resilient, encrypted (AES-256), and stored read-only in three different zones that meet SEC Rule 17a-4, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU GDPR, and FISMA specifications. Currently, LogIC supports CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and CMMC (up to Level 3) security compliance frameworks. The company noted that more frameworks are planned for future iterations of LogIC to be expected throughout 2021 and 2022.

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Blackpoint’s goal is to bring simplicity to the everyday management of logging and compliance. LogIC uses a simple, push-button setup to replace typical hardware, appliances, installs, and agent rollouts needed to implement compliance programs. Further, the launch features a new, intelligent web application allowing MSPs and their clients to configure log settings and generate compliance reporting to reduce the cumbersome reporting and assessment efforts usually involved with regulatory compliance. Based on the products and services partners have with Blackpoint, LogIC’s auto-answer capability automatically maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once. Finally, partners signing up for LogIC will receive 365 days of complimentary data log retention with options to request more storage by GB as needed.

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