Bloomberg Enable Its Customers with Real-time Decision-Making

Bloomberg Empowers Event Driven Decision Making with Real-Time Data Access on Google Cloud-01

Bloomberg and Google Cloud announced today a new collaboration that will enable mutual customers to easily access B-PIPE, Bloomberg’s real-time market data feed, to power front, middle and back-office applications and systems for trading, execution, and risk management.

Bloomberg is the only financial data provider to enable cloud-native access to tick-for-tick data. B-PIPE offers global real-time access to comprehensive, consolidated market data with industry-leading data normalization and intelligence, including access to 35 million instruments, over 330 exchanges and 80 billion ticks a day.

Enabling access to B-PIPE through Google Cloud’s secure, sustainable, and scalable infrastructure can allow mutual customers to make investing decisions faster. From traders and analysts to data scientists and quants, professionals across the front to back-office can be empowered to capture tick data, test, and quickly pivot to executing their trading strategies, assessing execution quality, measuring risk in real-time, and more. Additionally, the Google Cloud B-PIPE connectivity model uses Bloomberg’s Open API (BLPAPI), which can provide      consistency and resiliency for hybrid and multi-cloud deployment strategies, helping to ensure      new client data applications are automatically cloud-ready.

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Bloomberg’s real-time solutions on Google Cloud can offer the financial services industry flexible and optimized cloud delivery with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Ease of deployment: Customers can access the highest performance real-time data without the need to manage hardware or install software.
  • Speed of development: Firms can rapidly connect developers and their applications to market data, which can dramatically speed up the creation of new environments for development projects.
  • Efficiency: Companies can lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by simplifying technology infrastructure in the public cloud.
  • Fully managed: Customers can benefit from high-quality data and excellent customer service that distinguishes Bloomberg and B-PIPE.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Customers can experience simplified access to the data, when and where needed, with limited friction.

In addition to streaming B-PIPE market data, Bloomberg offers multiple services natively in Google Cloud that can help traders, quants and data scientists evolve their strategies. These tools and services include Bloomberg’s market-leading textual news and news analytics; New Issues notification service; and Real-Time Volatility service. Bloomberg’s award-winning Liquidity Assessment tool (LQA) is also accessible as part of B-PIPE on Google Cloud and provides a quantitative evaluation of market liquidity across multiple asset classes.

“As data scientists look to embed more sophisticated analytics within front-office applications, they need seamless access to high-quality real-time data in the cloud without compromising reliability, performance or cost,” said Cory Albert, Global Head of Cloud Strategy for Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data division. “Our continued dedication to expanding Bloomberg’s data availability in the cloud has already provided our clients with the resiliency and elasticity they need to fuel their most critical applications. This new, native connectivity with Google Cloud will further provide mutual clients with an enhanced and simplified data experience, making the data immediately usable.”

“Data is the driving force behind the growth of the financial markets,” said Philip Moyervice president, Strategic Industries, Google Cloud. “We are thrilled to work with Bloomberg to enable access to the industry’s leading real-time market data through Google Cloud’s secure, sustainable and scalable infrastructure. Together, we are helping to democratize access to datasets that help front to back-office professionals uncover useful insights they need to optimize investments and improve performance.”

B-PIPE is part of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data business, which produces high-quality pricing, reference and regulatory datasets, real-time market, event and news data, and liquidity analytics along with data management and distribution technologies. For more information on accessing B-PIPE.

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