Launches TH-Core Core Threat Hunting Services, the global leader of Dynamic Threat Hunting combining high throughput from their ARGOS ML and AI systems with Elite Human Threat Hunters, announced today the new TH-Core service package. This new core package helps organizations to hunt for and mitigate the constant, and ever expanding cyber threats and ransomware.

“Since the founding of Milton and, we have blended industry leading technology with constant threat hunting that delivers the best protection to help organizations mitigate threats in real time. Detection with real Mitigation, is the core, and the future for the rest of the industry,” said James McMurry, CEO.

“By utilizing, organizations have seen a decrease in the time from detection to mitigation, and the ability to hunt across cloud, on-prem, critical infrastructure, like no other vendor can provide,” said Eric Cowperthwaite, COO. “Organizations have access to around-the-clock expertise without the costly overhead or the investments in hiring, training and tooling that’s required to succeed in combating adversaries.”

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“We know that our Threat Hunters combined with our 15+ years of experience, is a powerful force multiplier for organizations of any size,” said Ethan Coulter, CTO. “Our Elite Threat Hunters, Detection Engineers, Data Engineers combined with ARGOS AI/ML system provide a seamless extension of any security team, to detect and mitigate sophisticated attack in the cloud and on premise.”

“Pricing is crucial when offering this level of service, and we know the return on investment is huge when an organization chooses over others,” said Evan Tremper, Vice-President of Sales. “ is able to set a complete package encompassing everything an organization needs to reap the benefits of constant around the clock threat hunting starting at less than $20 per user per month in most cases with our TH-Core services.”

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