BUFFERZONE Introduces Advanced Threat Protection for Windows 11

BUFFERZONE Introduces Advanced Threat Protection for Windows 11-01

about:blank®, a provider of endpoint security solutions protecting organizations and individuals from advanced threats, ransomware, zero-days, and drive-by downloads, today announced support for Windows 11, placing it at the forefront of endpoint security products supporting the operating system.

BUFFERZONE endpoint isolation keeps access to external, untrusted content such as unknown internet sites, external email messages, messaging and conferencing applications, and removable media in a virtual container, along with anything saved or downloaded. Contained browsing sessions, applications, attachments and downloads cannot reach the native endpoint or organizational resources such as an intranet; those are accessed only by uncontained browsing sessions and applications, which can’t have accessed untrusted sites.

BUFFERZONE’s proactive containment strategy prevents individuals and organizational employees from inadvertently downloading malware and putting their endpoints and organizations at risk, at low total cost, seamless user experience, and requiring no security expertise or event handling.

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Windows 11 is a highly anticipated, major advance in operating system design, including significant improvements in user experience, performance, and security. Windows 11 also improves Microsoft’s ransomware protection, which work well with BUFFERZONE’s proactive containment to complete an optimal set of ransomware protection layers.

BUFFERZONE’s technology has been tested and operates seamlessly with Windows 11 (current Insider Preview builds) to secure browsers, email messages and attachments, removable media and messaging and conferencing applications such as Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, WebEx, Line and WeChat, while maintaining the native Windows 11 user experience. Now, businesses and individuals can safely and comfortably adopt Windows 11 and protect their endpoints with BUFFERZONE.

Early access to both BUFFERZONE Enterprise edition and BUFFERZONE Standalone edition on Windows 11 (Insider Preview) is now available for BUFFERZONE® Insiders and will be generally available according to the Windows 11 general availability schedule.

“Although progressing, detection of malicious actors is not and never will be 100%. One of the most vulnerable parts in cyber security remains the user endpoint. Proactive containment becomes a crucial and cost-effective layer of protection” said Israel Levy, BUFFERZONE’s CEO. “We are proud to announce BUFFERZONE’s immediate  support for Windows 11, meeting the pressing need for advanced protection from advanced malware.”

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