NetSPI Adds Risk Scoring to its Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Platform

NetSPI Adds Risk Scoring to its Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Platform-01

NetSPI, the leader in enterprise penetration testing and attack surface management, today announced the addition of risk scoring to its Resolve™ penetration testing and vulnerability management platform. In conjunction with Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), NetSPI’s risk scoring intelligence helps its clients prioritize, manage, and remediate the vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk to their business.

NetSPI’s new risk scoring capabilities dynamically integrate into PTaaS to provide both a granular vulnerability risk score as well as an aggregate risk score for an organization and its projects, assets, applications, and networks. Risk scoring is only available to NetSPI clients that leverage its penetration testing services.

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The risk scores serve as a quantitative metric for risk reduction over time, cybersecurity spend validation, resource allocation, and industry benchmarking. NetSPI’s risk score enables organizations to incorporate business context and the respective threat landscape to accurately prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities.

“There are varying approaches to assigning vulnerability severity, but risk today extends far beyond individual vulnerabilities,” said Jake Reynolds, Head of Product at NetSPI. “The key is to recognize the risks most likely to disrupt the business, identify the threats that would increase those risks, and prioritize the most appropriate mitigations to protect your organization from those threats. NetSPI’s risk scoring does just that.”

According to Gartner[i], organizations with a risk-based vulnerability management program are expected to experience 80% fewer breaches. Download this whitepaper to learn how to use risk scoring to propel your risk-based vulnerability management program forward – and for a detailed overview of NetSPI’s risk score methodology.

“Reactive cybersecurity is a thing of the past. Security leaders must get proactive and take a risk-based approach to stay ahead of today’s adversaries,” said NetSPI President and CEO Aaron Shilts. “Our risk scores enable NetSPI clients to make proactive security decisions based on their unique risk factors. In other words, it allows them to confidently allocate budget and resources to the vulnerabilities that matter most.”

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