CamLock: 42Gears Strengthens the Standards for corporate security

CamLock 42Gears Strengthens the Standards for corporate security-01

Major breakthrough to protect confidential and proprietary business information in enterprises: 42Gears has launched a smart camera blocking solution – CamLock. 42Gears is a leading provider of mobile device management solutions that helps companies manage, monitor and secure all of their business endpoints from a single console. Recently, 42Gears was recognized with an honorable mention for its revolutionary “Things Management Technology” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM Tools.

With CamLock, the company has successfully addressed a key concern that organizations have long struggled with and raised the bar for data security even higher. The solution aims to prevent hackers and competitors from gaining access to business-critical information through the use of a phone camera.

CamLock offers the ability to prevent data leaks, which often go undetected because they are either unintentional or occur through a medium that companies do not directly control, such as an employee’s or visitor’s phone. CamLock can restrict access to the Android camera based on a person’s activity, location and/or time of day.

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“Data breaches are a big problem these days. And while most organizations have security policies in place to limit data sharing and prevent business-critical information from leaking outside, the possibility of data leakage can be reduced through means unmonitored by the organization, such as Cameras on smartphones, for example, can no longer be ignored,” said Prakash Gupta , co-founder and COO of 42Gears. “This loophole is exactly what CamLock plugs prevent, allowing businesses to easily block and unblock phone cameras when employees or visitors enter the premises or leave. And best of all, they can also be easily integrated with visitor or attendance management systems.”

According to 42Gears, the solution will be used in all industries, but especially in government, military, healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking, automotive and retail companies.

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