Castellan Expands Resources to Help Organizations Get Started with Operational Resilience

Castellan Expands Resources to Help Organizations Get Started with Operational Resilience

Operational resilience is about enabling an organization to “bend, not break” when faced with a disruption. However, many organizations struggle with defining concrete steps for building a true resilience capability and ensuring success. Castellan Solutions, the largest global provider of business continuity and operational resilience solutions, remains committed to serving as a strategic resource for organizations looking to ensure business resilience with the recent release of the its Guide to Operational Resilience and additional functionality within its SaaS Platform.

“For many organizations, the first step toward operational resilience is difficult because they aren’t sure where to begin,” says Jon Ezrine, CEO of Castellan. “Our goal is to not only provide tangible results through our consulting services and software, but also through educational resources that empower companies to define what resilience looks like for their organization and align their resilience efforts to their business strategy.”

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Castellan’s Getting Started with Operational Resilience guide provides an actionable framework and worksheet that helps organizations take a confident first step toward business resilience by setting a solid foundation, creating opportunities to engage with executive leadership, and setting a realistic path forward.

Additionally, Castellan’s Operational Resilience Module, released earlier this year, is a configurable, out-of-the-box solution that helps organizations decrease the frequency of disruptions, optimize their response, and improve resilience over time. Within the module, users can identify important business services and corresponding impact tolerances, map their end-to-end value chain, identify plausible scenarios, and stress-test their response and recovery strategies.