Censys announces Workspaces: Organize your company’s attack surfaces for full visibility, speedy remediation of cyber risks

Censys announces Workspaces Organize your company's attack surfaces for full visibility_ speedy remediation of cyber risks-01

Workspaces, Censys‘ newest feature for its Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform, is ready to take your company’s security strategy to the next level.

With Workspaces, security practitioners can segment and organize a company’s attack surface by individual companies. Slicing up your attack surface will give the ability to strategically view all the potential security risks facing your whole company – new acquisitions and all.

Forty percent of companies experienced a cybersecurity problem during the post-acquisition phase. Further, companies struggle to keep an accurate record of all their assets; in one instance, Censys found nearly 80% more assets than a Global 500 company believed they owned. It’s understandable – digital transformation and cloud adoption aren’t going away any time soon.

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Adding a new attack surface or cleaning up the current one is a messy job. With Workspaces, attack surfaces can be organized to align with the security team’s priorities, whether that means swiftly tackling the latest company acquisition to limit possible data exposures or giving a team member appropriate access to a segment of the company’s attack surface.

“When managing any attack surface, finding a new risk means you must also find the person responsible for remediating. With Censys ASM Workspaces, it is simple and easy to segment our attack surface so that it is clear who within the division needs to take action,” says Wolfgang Bauer, IT Security Manager at Swiss Life and Censys customer.

Censys ASM is powered by industry-leading Internet-scanning technology that discovers unmanaged and unknown assets in real time. Paired with the Censys high-confidence attribution algorithm, users are guaranteed to discover comprehensive visibility of Internet-facing assets belonging to the organization.

Instead of relying on an employee’s memory of what might exist, know with certainty what assets a company owns, what condition they’re in, and if action is needed and how quickly with the Censys ASM platform.

Knowing what you have to protect is fundamental to any security program. Censys ASM gives a clear view into all of the assets that attackers may use as a backdoor into a company’s digital environment. Simply log in to begin discovering external assets – no complex onboarding process required.

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