Christensen Jackson Stone & Hart PLLC – Notice of Data Privacy Event

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On October 4, 2021Christensen Jackson Stone & Hart PLLC (“CJSH”) recently experienced a security incident that affected their network systems. CJSH engaged leading third-party cyber-forensic specialists to assist in the investigation to determine the full nature and scope of the incident. CJSH, with the assistance of the forensic specialists, also conducted a thorough review to identify any information that may have been accessed during this event. Unfortunately, on October 19, 2021, CJSH received confirmation that certain files stored within their environment may have been accessed.

While the investigation was able to determine that certain systems were accessed, CJSH was unable to determine all of the sensitive information that was actually accessed or acquired by the unauthorized actor. Therefore, in an abundance of caution, CJSH is providing notice of this incident and conducting a review of the contents of the impacted systems that may contain sensitive information. Although this review is still in progress, CJSH is providing notice because the investigation confirmed that the following types of information may have been present in the affected systems at the time of the incident: name, date of birth, Social Security number, bank account information, and tax return information.

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Upon becoming aware of this incident, CJSH immediately took steps to confirm the security of their systems. They implemented additional cybersecurity measures and are reviewing existing security policies to further protect against similar incidents moving forward. CJSH is notifying potentially impacted individuals so that they may take steps to best protect their information. They are also reporting to regulatory officials, as required.

CJSH encourages potentially impacted individuals to remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud, to review account statements, and to monitor their credit reports and explanation of benefits forms for suspicious activity. CJSH is providing potentially impacted individuals with contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies, as well as providing advice on how to obtain free credit reports and how to place fraud alerts and security freezes on their credit files. The relevant contact information is below:

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