checkincognito Launches Visitor Tracking App

Visitor Tracking App

checkincognito launches a visitor registration system providing a consumer-centric contact tracing solution with privacy at its heart to help control Coronavirus.

Following guidelines from the English Government on how venues and organizations should register details of visitors, checkincognito has launched a system that makes checking in to venues easy and provides venues with a mechanism to ensure they are complying with government guidelines.

checkincognito is a consumer-centric contact tracing solution with privacy at its heart, helping to protect personal data and control Coronavirus. Visitors scan a QR code upon entry and visit data is kept centrally and only released to the venue, NHS Track, and Trace or local authority in the event of potential COVID-19 exposure.

checkincognito is working with Riverside Studios, among other venues, to keep track of customers who enter the venue using QR posters at points of entry. Visitors scan the QR code to register and log their visit. checkincognito also provides an easy registration screen where venues can register visitors manually, catering for customers who do not have a smartphone or who have a dead phone battery. checkincognito is a commercial partner of The British Beer and Pub Association.

Adriaan Brink, CEO of checkincognito, said: “At checkincognito, our mission is to protect the public’s anonymity except when data is needed in the event of exposure to COVID-19. This also provides venues with the ability to avoid possible GDPR abuse associated with keeping manual lists of people who visit venues. We are pleased to be working with Riverside Studios and other venues across London and the UK providing a simple system that helps companies comply with government guidance.”

Tony Lankester, General Manager of Riverside Studios, said: “checkincognito has given us a simple way to ensure we can keep track of visitors for COVID-19 tracking and give our customers peace of mind that their data is safe and secure. We were concerned about the GDPR issues that could arise when keeping lists of personal data, so we are pleased to have found a seamless solution that has provided us and our customers with confidence during such uncertain times.”

checkincognito is a brand owned by Better Management Ltd – a UK Limited company.