Cloud Computing Startup Brings Innovative Solutions for Data Security and Other Services

Cloud Computing Startup Brings Innovative Solutions for Data Security and Other Services , a cloud computing startup based in Curitiba (PR), brings innovative solutions for data security and IT infrastructure modernization.

With strategic partnerships and a specialized team, the company offers cloud solutions for data backup and storage, computing, networking and security.

One of the great highlights of the company from Curitiba is the offer of backup and data recovery as a service – BaaS (Backup as a Service) and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) – in partnership with Veeam, leader in the area.

In these models, data backup and recovery are offered as managed services. That is, they are managed and executed by the team, according to the customer’s needs, based on Veeam’s cutting-edge technology.

“All the solutions we bring are focused on leveraging the benefits of the cloud for companies”, says Alexandre Rossi , CEO of “Many still don’t know how much they can use cloud computing to their advantage, and our goal is to point out the best path according to the needs of each business.”

Rossi points out that it is often necessary to break the barrier of some “myths” involving cloud computing, still viewed with trepidation by some managers. But he points out that companies that decide to make this digital transformation do not regret it.

“The cloud is not the future; the cloud is the ‘now’ of companies. Those who do not embark on this journey will lose competitiveness and will have to make up for lost time later.”

Indeed, Gartner’s predictions for cloud computing reinforce Rossi’s thesis. The consultancy predicts that, by 2025, 95% of all new workloads will be implemented in the cloud. Likewise, 2 out of 3 organizations already use cloud services as part of their data protection strategy.

Cloud solutions meet different demands

Cloud computing can be used in numerous ways, depending on technology and demand.

In practice, it is possible to use cloud solutions or environments to develop applications, manage access and passwords, maintain primary or secondary storage, ensure secure backups of data and systems, create virtual offices, etc., for example, offers solutions focused on four main areas: computing, storage, networking and security.

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This includes DaaS services – Desktop as a Service (virtual machines); hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments ; data storage , backup and recovery ; SD-WAN , VPN and web application firewall ; and solutions for multifactor authentication and identity management ( IAM and PAM ).

The cloud infrastructure used by the company is one of the most robust in the country, with tier III data centers (index that represents a high level of security) in 8 regions of Brazil. This means that data processing takes place close to the headquarters of the companies, bringing more agility and facilitating compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and other regulations.

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