Cognyte Announces New Release of LUMINAR Cyber Threat Intelligence Offering with GenAI Capabilities to Bring Added Value to Customers


Cognyte Software Ltd. (NASDAQ: CGNT) (“Cognyte”), a global leader in investigative analytics software, today announced the release of a significant update to its LUMINAR external threat intelligence solution to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities, including a new AI-driven dashboard. LUMINAR is already integrated with Cognyte’s investigative analytics software and other leading solutions, and this release brings additional value to current and new customers.

Today, threat intelligence analysts race to accelerate the speed of risk assessments while security operations center (SOC) teams struggle to keep up with a deluge of security alerts. LUMINAR’s new GenAI capabilities bring significant added value to Cognyte customers by tackling and making quick work of resource-intensive tasks like aggregation, analysis and prioritization of alerts, investigation leads, indicators of malicious campaigns, and other cybersecurity inputs.

To assist organizations with these resource-intensive tasks, Cognyte has integrated an AI-driven dashboard into its LUMINAR offering, LUMINAR AI Insights. The new AI dashboard is built on Cognyte’s proprietary threat intelligence repository that includes evidence-based threat data regarding global cybersecurity incidents, aggregated over the last 10 years. This feed is now fully automated, structured and auto-enriched through GenAI capabilities, incorporating both proprietary historical data and a daily feed that is automatically customized to the needs of each customer.

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Utilizing evidence-based data, this new LUMINAR AI Insights dashboard provides threat-visibility segmentation, such as by industry or region, to extract immediate intelligence insights regarding potential security threats and risks to organizations, and to enable quicker responses.

“GenAI is a game-changer in Cognyte’s markets, and its inclusion in this LUMINAR release will significantly enhance the experience of analysts and SOCs in all industries,” said Gil Cohen, Chief Product Officer, Cognyte. “The new capability takes users to a whole new level of operational effectiveness, gaining unmatched visibility of their threat landscapes in zero time and at huge scale.”

Through LUMINAR AI Insights, security and risk management leaders will gain visibility into different insights, including industry benchmarks, active attack groups (filtered by type, origin, targeted location), exploited Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), targeted systems, prominent Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), automatically mapped according to MITRE ATT&CK, and more.

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