ShardSecure Expands Scope of Data Protection with v2.0 Software Release


 ShardSecure, the world’s most innovative provider of data security and privacy with Microshard™ technology, today announced the release of v2.0. of the ShardSecure Software Appliance. ShardSecure’s revolutionary approach to data security uses Microsharding to automatically shred, mix and distribute data to eliminate sensitivity and reduce the attack surface. This latest software update, which includes Amazon S3 API support, integration with Microsoft 365 and structured data support, further extends the protection scope and ease with which ShardSecure can be implemented.

“ShardSecure v2.0 brings functionality and compatibility updates that expand the types of data that can be secured with Microsharding as well the applications with which it integrates,” said Tom Noonan, ShardSecure’s investor and advisor and former CEO and co-founder of Internet Security Systems (acquired by IBM). “Organizations are able to reduce sensitivity and ensure privacy for a far greater percentage of data, both structured and unstructured, without adding implementation and support time. This latest release significantly expands ShardSecure’s addressable market.”

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Amazon AWS S3 Compatible API

The addition of an AWS S3 Compatible API in ShardSecure v2.0 enables users to treat the ShardSecure cluster like a S3 bucket, to programmatically store and retrieve Microshard data.

  • Allows secure storage from any application that supports S3 Compatible Object Storage as backend storage
  • Ensures easy integration with hundreds of applications, accelerating time-to-value and expanding opportunities to secure data with Microshard technology
  • Deployable on AWS in 15 minutes