Collectcent Digital Media is Now TAG Certified Against Fraud

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Collectcent Digital Media is Now TAG Certified Against Fraud

Collectcent Digital Media, one of India’s leading independent SSP technology platform companies, is pleased to announce that they have been accredited with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) as an independently audited company in the ‘intermediary’ category.

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Having a zero-tolerance for fraud in their marketplace, Collectcent has achieved the requirements for TAG certification by adopting the program’s strict guidelines, including IP blacklist, compliance with Media Rating Council’s tracking and filtering traffic invalidation rules and implementing a payment ID system.

“The TAG Certified Against Fraud Program has further strengthened our partners’ confidence in us. We believe in leading by example and in line with our endeavor to establish and follow best practices in the industry, we are committed to safeguarding our advertisers’ best interests by delivering exactly what they expect in a clean digital ecosystem,” said Andesh Bhatti, Collectcent’s Chief Executive Officer.

Collectcent’s unwavering commitment to fraud protection includes an in-house team headed by the company’s TAG Compliance Officer, leading global partnerships, and transparent operational strategies to reduce and protect against the risks of fraud in the long run. The teams are always vigilant to identify and eliminate fraud as soon as it is detected, by adhering to international standards and implementing current technologies.

We are delighted that Collectcent has adopted the rigorous standards needed to become a TAG Certified Against Fraud and we look forward to working with Collectcent to further strengthen our industry’s efforts, so we can cut off the flow of money to criminals around the world who profit from ad fraud,” said Mike Zaneis, TAG’s CEO.

Along with its TAG partnership, Collectcent has also undertaken numerous other measures to maintain a clean media buying platform with strict inventory quality and brand safety requirements.

Protected Media – Another major partnership commenced was with Protected Media – one of the leading fraud detection tech companies. 100% of the inventory is scanned daily, based on several criteria including Viewability, MRC, Brand Protection, and Traffic Quality, ensuring supply with IVT less than 3% on the platform.

Ads.txt Adoption – Collectcent was one of the early adopters of ads.txt implementation. They encouraged each of their publisher clients for ads.txt adoption and supported them with ads.txt implementation guidelines for the process.

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Sellers.json – As a directive from IAB tech labs, Collectcent’s Exchange platform was modified and enabled to provide a mechanism that allows buyers to gain complete visibility into each step a bid request takes in between themselves and the end-publisher, enabling DSPs to make better purchasing decisions for their clients.

Future Endeavors – The company envisions to create the safest ecosystem incorporating effective anti-fraud measures. It will continue to adopt stringent operational initiatives and state-of-the-art technological developments in the fight against fraud. Visit us to know more about the clean and secure programmatic landscape.

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