Companies Leveraging AWS Well-Architected Reviews Now Benefit from Security Innovations from Trend Micro

AWS Well-Architected Reviews

Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity integration identifies key areas for improvement

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a leader in cloud security, today announced support for the AWS Well-Architected Tool (AWS WA Tool) to help companies accelerate innovation while achieving compliance through enhanced cloud security posture management.

Announced at this year’s AWS re:Invent 2020 virtual conference, the integration with the AWS WA Tool makes Trend Micro’s Cloud One – Conformity offering now available to Amazon Web Services (AWS) users of the AWS WA Tool via a simple API.

“The AWS Well-Architected Tool aids in identifying areas of improvement to help build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient workloads on AWS,” said Rudy Valdez, Vice President, Solutions Architecture and Training and Certification, at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By integrating with Trend Micro, organizations will be able to take their cloud security posture management a step further and conduct 360-degree workload reviews to assure that those workloads are complying with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.”

The pandemic has driven many organizations to double down on cloud and digital transformation in a bid to get closer to their customers and enhance operational efficiencies. This in turn has created new opportunities for channel businesses to support this journey, by helping their customers to overcome key architectural challenges.

In a Gartner report it was said that, “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes. Security and risk management leaders should invest in cloud security posture management processes and tools to proactively and reactively identify and remediate these risks.”1

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The AWS WA Tool is designed to streamline the development of secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient application infrastructure. Users ask a series of questions and receive step-by-step guidance in return. Using Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity as part of this process helps organizations to identify areas of security and compliance weakness more effectively, in order to streamline remediation and build better workloads.

“We leverage Cloud One – Conformity to assess the need for action, automatically and continuously checking for compliance to the best practices outlined in the AWS Well-Architected Framework,” said Jason Cradit, Principal Cloud Architect at 1898 & Co., a Burns & McDonnell Company. “With the automatic workload data collection from Trend Micro’s new API integration with the AWS Well-Architected Tool, the visibility and actionable intelligence streamlines and eliminates weeks of work from the previous review process allowing us to continue rapid innovation, while still building efficient cloud architectures.”

In effect, Conformity seamlessly checks a customer’s environment against hundreds of engineering best practice checks and automatically identifies if the review has been performed and which workloads have the highest number of risks —to qualify subjective answers with empirical data. For example, if the AWS WA Tool asks if a user has configured service and application logging and they answer “yes,” Conformity could automatically verify if AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and Amazon GuardDuty are enabled across all AWS Regions.

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“We are proud to be a leading driver of security assurance and compliance in the cloud, detecting hundreds of millions of configuration errors every day for our customers,” said Steve Quane, Chief Product Officer at Trend Micro. “Cloud One – Conformity’s integration with the AWS Well-Architected Tool is a ringing endorsement of the value it offers global organizations and will provide our partners with a fantastic differentiator as they continue to drive digital success for their customers.”