Compliancy Group Launches New Resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group has created a series of informative resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Throughout October, Compliancy Group will publish new content to help healthcare organizations improve their overall security posture.

Several years ago, the Department of Health and Human Services released guidance to help healthcare organizations better secure their data. Each of these ten recommended cybersecurity practices is essential to secure protected health information. To make this information more accessible, Compliancy Group will publish educational articles on each recommended practice.

Cybersecurity in healthcare largely depends on a HIPAA security risk assessment. Completing a security risk assessment is not only crucial to healthcare cybersecurity, but it is also a vital part of HIPAA. Each year, healthcare organizations must complete an SRA to meet HIPAA requirements.

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“Healthcare organizations are the most vulnerable businesses to cyberattacks. Failing to be vigilant about cybersecurity can be detrimental to the success of your organization. Many healthcare organizations overlook that cybersecurity and compliance are interconnected. You can’t have one without the other” – Marc Haskelson, President and CEO, Compliancy Group.

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