ComplyCube Boosts SaaS Platform with Codeless KYC Outreach


ComplyCube, the leading identity verification platform, has announced that it has enhanced its Web Portal with the ability to perform seamless customer data outreach without the need for deploying software or writing a single line of code.

The new addition particularly appeals to businesses still conducting identity verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks manually, requesting identity documents sent via email, which is highly prone to human error and inherently insecure. The new feature will also be attractive to back-office teams who occasionally request additional customer documents to perform tailored Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).

With ComplyCube’s outreach capability, businesses can now choose, with a couple of clicks, to combine a plethora of checks on a particular client during one KYC session. The platform systematically works out the data that needs to be collected and sends a unique secure link that prompts the client to complete a KYC session. Available checks include AML Screening, PEP Checks, Document proofing, and identity verification.

The Digital Identity firm says the new feature leverages the capabilities of its cloud KYC Solution, Flow™, which securely collects identity documents, biometrics, proof of address, and most importantly, establishes the presence of the document holder – all in less than 30 seconds. Flow™ then automatically conducts extensive checks and sends real-time alerts and rich reports to back-office staff, such as onboarding and compliance specialists.

“We are constantly working to evolve our leading all-in-one verification platform to make it more robust, secure, easier to use, and crucially, more accessible to businesses of all sizes with diverse use cases,” says Mohamed Alsalehi, CTO at ComplyCube. “By enabling a truly codeless customer outreach experience, not only we’ve made our fantastic Web Portal even more versatile, but we are also helping businesses mitigate data privacy and AML risks while reducing the manual burden on back-office operations,” adds Adam Benfa, Product Manager at ComplyCube.

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The solution is GDPR-compliant and is equipped with frictionless cross-device functionality to enable users to seamlessly continue desktop KYC sessions on their smartphones and tablets upon scanning a unique QR code. It also integrates cutting-edge anti-spoofing and liveness detection technology to ensure that a person is physically present, not a 3D Mask, a printed photo, injected video, or a deepfake, among other sophisticated presentation attacks.

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