CompTIA Strengthens Its Global Reach With The Launch Of The DACH Community

CompTIA Strengthens Its Global Reach With The Launch Of The DACH Community

Boosting tech careers, building cybersecurity, and improving business growth opportunities are among the priorities of the new DACH community in 2023 , led by CompTIA , the non-profit association for the IT industry and IT employees.

The community board, made up of CEOs and executives from companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, recently met in Dusseldorf to set priorities and plans for 2023.

“The group has ambitious plans to help organizations address their workforce needs, cybersecurity challenges and operational problems,” said MJ ShoerCompTIA ‘s chief community officer . “These are big problems and they won’t be easily solved are, but our board is ready to take on this task with great enthusiasm and commitment to nurture the tech community and workforce in the region.”

CompTIA DACH Community board members include Juergen Ebner, ICTE; Otto Schobert ,; Geraldine Fricke-Bonin, Pax8; Max Pfister , niteflite networxx GmbH; Peter Dumitsch, SBIT AG; Ralph Friederichs ; CYBERDYNE IT GmbH; Felix Zoebisch , be-solutions; Robert Sieber, MSP Support GmbH; René Claus, Sophos; Jürgen Venhorst, Datto; Friedrich Holstein , Honaco Information Technology GmbH & Co. KG; Rolf Niedhorn and Peter Feige , TechnoSoft Consulting GmbH; Henry Kiene , IT Service & Consulting; Bernd Ramgeus, Das Sys GmbH; Markus Rex , synaxon; Josef Astlinger, Alerto Managed IT Services; Andrew Schweizer, Diverto ICT Services; Tobias Motzet, Acronis as well as Kai Joeres and Norbet Neudeck , MailStore Software GmbH.

The CompTIA DACH community’s priorities are to “make the technology industry cool”. This includes increasing the industry’s reputation and visibility, changing the image of the industry and sending the message that for everyone, who has ambition, curiosity or interest in joining the tech community gives a place in the industry.

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“The technology industry in the DACH region and around the world is thriving and offers career opportunities in many different areas,” explained Shoer. “Our mission is to break down the barriers to entry into the technology professional world. We do this by providing Provide training and opportunities to help people build trust and confidence that they can be successful as technology professionals.”

Board members stated that addressing workforce challenges will also benefit employers, whether they are technology companies or firms in other industries.

Recent research from CompTIA shows that demand for tech professionals, as measured by employer job postings, remains high across Europe. 1 In Germany, for example, employers advertised more than 639,000 positions for technical professions in the third quarter of 2022. These vacancies cover a variety of roles, including software and web developers and programmers, systems analysts, cybersecurity professionals, network and systems administrators, as well as technicians and IT support specialists.

Regarding cyber security, the board members noted the need to continuously educate customers about the importance and value of building a strong cyber presence. CompTIA’s most recent State of Cybersecurity report found that the overall state of cybersecurity is making relatively slow progress. 2 Especially in the more developed regions, few people believe that the situation has improved significantly. Almost everyone is believe that there is still room for improvement.

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