Coreio and Wembley Partners Announce Strategic Partnership Aiming To Help Canadian Businesses Combat Cyber Threats

Coreio and Wembley Partners Announce Strategic Partnership Aiming To Help Canadian Businesses Combat Cyber Threats-01

We are thrilled to announce that Coreio Inc., and Wembley Partners Ltd., a global cybersecurity firm providing Cyber Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, and Risk Assessment services and products to clients across the US, Canada, and the UK, have teamed up to help Canadian businesses tackle the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

Benefitting from the combined expertise of both, this alliance aims to bring market-leading 24/7/365 Managed Detection & Response, strategic cybersecurity transformation consulting, and digital cyber incident management products and services to the Canadian market with the best interests of our valued clients at heart.

The threat of cyberattacks is increasing, as more malicious threat actors analyze and exploit the victims’ ever-growing IoT infrastructures, evolving post-COVID workplace arrangements, as well as the organization’s people, making the need for quality yet value-priced cybersecurity offerings apparent to any senior technology, IT, and cybersecurity leader operating in the modern business environment.

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For Canadian companies in high-risk industries, such as finance, life sciences, and high tech, moving from reactive ad-hoc cyber threat mitigation to around-the-clock proactive defence is quickly becoming imperative for long-term prosperity and survival, providing assurance to customers, stakeholders, and business partners. The timing is particularly important, as Canada is quickly making its way up the list of Top 10 countries targeted by cyberattacks.

“The IT services market has changed dramatically over our forty plus years. It has taught us that we need to continuously adapt our portfolio to stay in front of emerging client needs. Cyberattacks can be crippling to organizations so identifying threats, taking steps to prevent them, and being in the best position to respond to attacks is a critical need. We chose Wembley because they are a best-of-breed partner who can deliver threat detection, prevention, and response. They fit perfectly with our services portfolio and put us in the best position to ensure our clients infrastructure is protected and supplement our ability to effectively, and rapidly, respond to cyberattacks.” said Nick Varone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Coreio, Inc.

“Coreio’s approach to IT risk management and client work advocates a trusted partnership, as opposed to a simple vendor-purchaser relationship, which aligns perfectly with our values at Wembley. As leaders in cybersecurity, we work with our clients to ensure their organizations’ survival tomorrow, and decades from now – not by simply reacting to breaches, but through a proactive and methodical approach to mitigating cyber risk. Ultimately, this key alliance empowers both firms to help Canadian businesses in a more holistic manner, and I am thrilled to explore the opportunities ahead,” said Logan Wolfe, CEO of Wembley Partners Ltd.

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