Credio, Inc. Partners with Tablet Command to Strengthen Cybersecurity Profile

Credio_ Inc. Partners with Tablet Command to Strengthen Cybersecurity Profile-01

Cybersecurity advisory firm Credio, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Tablet Command to ensure the continuous data protection of all Tablet Command systems and services.

Reports of several recent cyberattacks such as the Colonial Pipeline shutdown reveal that it’s more important than ever to ensure systems that impact public welfare are safe from hackers trying to disrupt infrastructure. Tablet Command’s software is saving lives in the middle of a global pandemic, and this partnership with Credio, Inc. safeguards their ability to do so securely.

“Tablet Command elected to use Credio; an independent Cybersecurity partner, in order to ensure objective assessments of our systems and services,” said William Pigeon, Tablet Command CTO. “We are committed to avoid any internal bias based on the fact that we created these systems. Credio was selected after an exhaustive search, and the service they have provided has exceeded our expectations in every way.”

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“The increase in cloud adoption and remote work since the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase in cyber-attacks. Credio, Inc. helps enterprises of all sizes implement relevant security and privacy controls to protect their digital assets. “We are humbled by the opportunity provided to us by Tablet Command, and Credio is honored to be able to make an impact in public welfare services,” added Raj Raghavan, CEO of Credio, Inc.

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