Agile Security Adoption Is Helping Software Professionals with Improved Delivery and Productivity

Agile Security Adoption Is Helping Software Professionals with Improved Delivery and Productivity

The acceptance of agile security is helping drive strong productivity and a better skill set among software professionals, a study reveals.

The implementation of agile security enhances the key potentials that are needed to respond to the ongoing business challenges resulting from the global pandemic. This came up from a recent study by in participation with CollabNet VersionOne for its 14th annual State of Agile report.

The report analyzed the Agile adoption practice and impact of COVID-19 across businesses – with opinions from more than 1,100 business and IT professionals spanning different industries and roles globally.

About 60% of the professionals noted Agile adoption has helped increasing speed to market, and a different set of workers (41%) agreed that they can manage distributed teams now better. Nearly 58% of the participants said agile had improved teams’ productivity.

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Clearly, such practices are priceless amid challenging times across the world. Some of the key highlights from the recent survey on how the pandemic’s long-term remaining has affected Agile adoption of organizations are –

  • Nearly 55% reported their company plans to increase Agile usage in the next 12-14 months. This is a striking increase of 13% percent on the original survey that was conducted previously.
  • Around 43% of companies noted that their momentum for Agile adoption has surged currently. However, 15% said it had augmented significantly.
  • Almost 33% of the professionals noted that they had expanded and increased Agile adoption during the initial stage of the pandemic for managing the distributed teams.

Certainly, risk and compliance are continuing to trend upward because the value of identifying or measuring technical risk before the deployment has increased by 54%. Besides, the criticality of automated audit compliance and authorization across control has increased by 10% YOY.

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In fact, given the current scenario, the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe® is still the most commonly used scaling method by companies. It has augmented by 5% from the last year and exceeding from the number two choice, Scrum@Scale – with almost 19%.

In this context, as explained by Kim Gokce, Sr. Director of IT Capabilities at The Coca-Cola Company in the company blog post – “Our all-in move to the cloud in recent years allowed us to go to fully virtualized in one day…Our people showcased their agility in immediately reorganizing the work. For me, it was a ‘burn the ships’ moment on our journey to agility.”

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