Crisis24 global risk predictions for 2024 include increased cyber warfare, supply chain disruptions, AI impacts


Crisis24, a GardaWorld company and leading integrated risk management, crisis response, consulting and global protective solutions firm, today unveiled its annual Global Risk Forecast, which provides expert insight and analysis on a variety of risks businesses and organizations may face in 2024.

The 2024 Global Risk Forecast is an actionable risk intelligence reporting that assists organizational leaders in their strategic decision-making process to best protect their people and operations around the world through in-depth analysis and assessment of key global events and risks. Compiled by more than 180 intelligence experts based across six continents, the report covers diverse intelligence categories, emphasizing categorical and regional risks.

“As leaders in the integrated risk management industry, we provide our clients with best-in-class resources and insights to prepare them along with their businesses for whatever comes next in an increasingly complex global environment,” said Michael Susong, Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence at Crisis24. “The Global Risk Forecast is an invaluable tool for business and security leaders to help prepare their organizations to anticipate and manage the most relevant risks to their operations.”

The report highlights the most prominent global trends, spanning across aviation, cyber, environmental, health, maritime and more sectors with specific analysis by geographic region, looking at the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Africa.

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Key topics analyzed in the Forecast include:

  • The influence of cyber warfare and misinformation campaigns on geopolitics;
  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across industries;
  • Higher temperatures and the increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events;
  • Ongoing conflicts—such as those in Ukraine and the Middle East—and their global implications;
  • Ransomware as an evolving resource for bad actors;
  • Pressure to secure supply chains and bolster their cybersecurity and
  • AI’s ability to create and spread misinformation and disinformation at unprecedented scale and speed.

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