Cryptsoft KMIP SDK is licenced by Cloudian Inc.


Cryptsoft’s Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Client has been licensed to the Cloudian Inc. for their HyperStore object storage product, enhancing their security offering with market-proven, open standards and industry-validated encryption key management technology.

With Cloudian’s focus on managing limitless amounts of data in a cloud-native format, Cloudian required an encryption key management technology that was scalable, flexible and interoperable. KMIP, an open-standard technology that focuses on interoperability and flexibility while bringing true full key lifecycle management to any vendor product was an ideal technology fit.

“As the leading OEM supplier of KMIP key management technology, Cryptsoft is fully aware that our strength lies in our implementation being fully conformant with the KMIP standard so that we can support all possible use-cases for any market,” said Justin Corlett, Business Development Manager, Cryptsoft.” It is refreshing working with a licensee who fully understands and appreciates that ‘key vaulting’ is not ‘key management’ and that true full key lifecycle management elevates any security solution to a level expected and demanded by the customers every vendor wants to sell to.”

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“Security is a core value of our HyperStore storage platform, and we continuously invest in tools and technology to maintain our leadership position,” said Glenn Haley, Senior Director of Product Management at Cloudian. “With KMIP technology, we will bring enhanced, full key lifecycle management of all security objects to future versions of HyperStore. Cryptsoft’s KMIP technology delivers the highest level of security and lets our customers interoperate with any KMIP enabled key management server or service whether on-prem, hybrid or cloud.”

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